Du Telecom UAE Job Openings 2024

Du Telecommunications started its operations in 2006 but now already has over 2,000 employees from over 60 different countries. Also, they have more than 6.5 million mobile subscribers and is continually growing!

Du Telecom is currently in need to various positions for its growing dynamic industry. Vacancies include for Personal Assistant, Director Legal Counsel, Manager SME Partners and Manager for Video Middleware Planning. If none of these roles fit your profile or interest, you can submit your CV under the Position Role “General Application” for Du to review your application and assign you to future roles they will be opening.

Please make sure you submit your application before the closing date identified. Good luck!

Du Telecommunications Jobs 2024

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Job Title: Senior Accountant Accounts Receivable (Job Number: 7477)
Primary Location: United Arab Emirates-Dubai HQ

Du Telecom’s History

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), now known as du, is a telecom operator in the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the two operators in the country, the other one is Etisalat. In February 2007, the company was named as du. Today, it is offering mobile telephony, fixed line, digital television, and internet services across the UAE. In 2018, its sister company called Edara was established. Edara was then branded as Telco Operations. Du Telecom is 39% owned by the Emirates Investment Authority (EIA), 20% by Emirates Communications & Technology Company, 20.08% by Mubadala Development Company, and 20.92% by public investors.

Officially known as EITC, Du Telecom was commercially branded in February 2007, when it launched its mobile telecommunications across the country. In 2008, after just a year of offering its services, it reported 1.88 million mobile customers within 12 months. Because of this, its revenue was 157% higher than the previous year, or equivalent to $1.08 billion. Its IPO was launched in 2006 wherein the shareholders offered 20% to the public. The Emirates Bank and Emirates Financial services was the one who administered the sale. In March 2011, the company had a total of 4.5 million subscribers.

Facts & Figures

  • EITC was rebranded as du in February 2007.
  • It has the best smart city initiatives that help improve the country’s position as a global hub for commerce and tourism.
  • 2017 Data Centre Innovative and Middle East Project.
  • 2018 Best Business Solution and Satellite Service Innovation
  • It is committed to business with purpose.
  • In 2019, it received the following awards:
    • CommsMEA Awards
    • Business Awards – Best Telecom Provider
    • Global Carrier Awards – Best Internet Exchange Innovation
    • Best Managed Security Service Provider
    • Arabia CSR Awards 2019
    • Filipino Times Awards 2019
  • It has 2,000 employees to date.
  • It is founded in 2005.

List of Services of Du Telecom

Devices for Personal

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • All phones
  • Tablets

Mobile Plans for Personal

  • Postpaid Plans
    • Power Plans
    • Special numbers
    • New Emirati Plans
    • Other postpaid plans
    • Upgrade to postpaid
    • Data SIM plans
    • Phone + Plans
    • Change to du
  • Prepaid Plans
    • Prepaid Plans
    • Data Offers
    • Voice Offers
    • New SIM
  • More Plans
    • The Control Plan
    • Tourist Plan
  • Enhance your Plans
    • Roaming
    • Data packs
    • Internet Calling Pack
    • Multi SIM
    • eSIM
    • WiFi UAE
    • Value Added Services
    • Pay with du
    • Amazon Prime

Internet & TV for Personal

  • Home Services
    • du Home Internet & TV
    • TV Packages
    • Upgrade du Home Internet & TV
  • Relocation
    • Moving to a new home?
    • Change to du
  • Enhance your Services
    • Apple TV 4K
    • Movies on Demand
    • Amazon Prime

Smart Home for Personal

  • Getting to know smart home
    • What is Smart Home?
    • Networking
    • Automation
    • Monitoring
  • Best sellers
    • Xbox One
    • Playstation
    • Yale
    • Ring Doorbell
    • Handheld Thermal Camera

Small business

  • Devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
    • Business Devices
  • Plans
    • Postpaid Plans
    • Prepaid Plans
    • Switch from Personal to Business
  • Roaming
    • Roaming rates
    • Voice Data Roaming
    • Inflight Roaming
  • Value added services
    • Multi SIM
    • Power bill
    • eSIM
    • Apple DEP
    • Business POS

Large business

  • Devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
  • Plans
    • Postpaid plans
    • Switch from personal to business
  • Roaming
    • Roaming rates
    • Voice data roaming
    • Inflight roaming
  • Value added services
    • eSIM
    • Multi SIM
    • Power Bill
    • Apple DEP


  • Devices
    • Smartphones
    • Tablets
  • Plans
    • Postpaid plans
    • Switch from personal to business
  • Roaming
    • Roaming rates
    • Voice data roaming
    • Inflight roaming
  • Value added services
    • eSIM
    • Multi SIM
    • Power Bill
    • Apple DEP

Managed Services (For All)

  • Internet & Data
    • Managed Broadband
    • Managed IP VPN
    • Managed Ethernet
    • Bandwidth On Demand
    • Managed WiFi
    • Managed VSAT
  • Global Connectivity
    • Global IP VPN
    • Global Ethernet
    • M2M Control
  • Data Centre & Cloud
    • Data Centre Services
    • Cloud Services
    • Hosting Solutions
  • Others


  • Emirates Investment Authority – 50.12%
  • Emirates International Telecommunications Company LLC – 19.70%
  • Mamoura Diversified Global Holding PJSC – 10.06%
  • Other Public Shareholders – 20.12%

What it Means to Work in Du Telecom

Here’s what former and current employees have to say about working in the company:

Sales executive: Management

“the management of du is good. they know how to make happy employees and they have very good commission slabs foe employee. so that’s why every employee happy to work with them.”

Director: Working at du

“The workplace culture is going through a lot of change due to Covid19 and will change going forward. Before Covid19 it was enjoyable and as any company there were challenges.”

Team Leader: Overall good

“It was a good experience with Du. Knowledge base I used more and how we can handle customers and how I can assist my team. Then the working environment they made very well.”

Team Leader: It’s time to learn new beginnings in your career, fun and friendly oriented management.

“I have been working at Telecom for more than 8 years

The structure of the company is efficient and goal-oriented. You constantly have people around you who give up their time to help you succeed.

In just a few months, I had already gained significant skills in training, management, communication, and public speaking that will follow me throughout my life.

You are promoted quickly, but based on your own outcomes and work.

Competitive, but friendly competition.

The hours can be long, but after the first month you find yourself coming earlier and staying longer out of your own will.”

How to Apply for a Job in Du Telecom

It’s easy to apply for a job if you want to work in Du Telecom. Just head to its official career website at https://www.du.ae/careers-join-us and you will see the available positions there.

What the company offers to its employees are the following:

  • Sharing success with the employees
  • Wellness facilities such as gym and clinic
  • Flexible working hours
  • Children’s education assistance
  • Happiness and fulfillment
  • Locally negotiated discounts
  • Free private healthcare
  • Phone calls and data
  • Airfare allowance
  • Annual leave
  • End of service gratuity
  • UAE pension

Contact Information

Address: Al-Salam Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Contact Number: *177#
Website: www.du.ae

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