Filipino Artists Lead Creative Displays through Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Vision and talent combined creates something admirable and worthwhile. And at a special time such as the Ramadan in the UAE, Filipino artists have found a way to share their talents in promoting the spirit of goodwill, tolerance, and charity, among residents in the country.

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There’s no doubt that Filipino talents are world-class, but given the right platform, art creations can spread influence further than any humble initiative ever could on its own. This has been the case with the charitable movement known as Ramadan-sharing fridges which gained support all throughout the country since its inception in 2012.

Filipino Artists Lead Creative Displays through Ramadan Sharing Fridges
Credits: @fridgeartindxb/Instagram

Dubai Locals Get Creative in Designing Ramadan Sharing Fridges

Two Filipino artists have decided to give the refrigerators used for food-sharing in the UAE during Ramadan a creative makeover to promote the initiative across the country, as shared in a report by Time Out Dubai.

Every year, during the holy month of Ramadan, residents in the UAE come together to share food items inside a public refrigerator, intended mainly for the needy and less privileged.

The Ramadan-sharing fridges are stocked by residents on a daily basis so that workers can have access to free food items and water, among others.

However, upon seeing these fridges, Dubai local artists Cholo and Rosan Juan thought that the initiative could further be boosted if they looked more visually appealing.

By adding colour and life to these everyday objects, which are at the heart of the local community and part of a such a fantastic city-wide initiative, Rosan Juan’s is able to give back to society through his small and personal contribution.

Juan further shared, that as these refrigerators can be located across Dubai from Rashidiya to Jebel Ali, he hopes that seeing the artsy fridges will also put a smile on people’s faces or inspire them to donate.

The two Filipino artists brought out their paints and brushes to decorate the appliances, which has inspired over 40 local artists to join their cause.

These volunteers share their works of art on an Instagram page @fridgeartindxb, which was introduced last year.

At present, over 40 refrigerators have already been decorated and many are still under works. The organizers of this movement are calling on to more artists to get involved in this cause, especially while there’s still a few days left before Ramadan ends.

It’s great to know that even local residents, who may not even necessarily be citizens or Muslims for that matter, care enough to support an initiative which aims to spread goodwill and help to those who need it the most.

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