Free UAE Bus Rides for Papal Mass Event

With just a few weeks into one of the most awaited events in the history of the UAE and of the Year of Tolerance, many faithful have been planning their means of getting around the emirate, considering that hundreds and thousands of attendees are expected to troop at the Zayed Sports City on February 5 to see Pope Francis in the flesh.

Despite the ticket limits set for the people who can attend the Papal Mass, it sure might come handy to know where and how to get to and from the venue, especially if you’ve secured a slot for the event.

Free UAE Bus Rides for Papal Mass Event
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Papal Mass Attendees to Get Free UAE Bus Rides

Towards the build-up for the Feb 5 event, the UAE Papal Visit Team had announced that free transport services will be made available to bring the attendees to the venue.

As per the UAE Papal Visit Team’s website, aside from the free entry ticket distributed through AVOSA parishes for the mass, attendees will also be given a transport stub which can be used for the free transport services.

In this regard, attendees were instructed to bring their tickets along with their Emirates ID at all times. Furthermore, attendees are required to select an ‘Access Hub’ from where they can be picked up.

Below are the transportation details based on the information posted on the UAE Papal Visit Website:

Government-sponsored Transportation

All the faithful to attend the Papal Mass are to receive one (1) Entry ticket and one (1) Transport stub. The transportation stub will have the Access Hub location and departure time. The attendees are required to select their Access Hub at the time of collection tickets. The locations available for each parish will be announced as the date of the event approaches.

  • Attendee/s should select their designated Access Hub
  • Attendee/s should arrange their own travel to the assigned Access Hub
  • Attendee/s should leave their homes early, and arrive at the Access Hub early to fill up the allocated seat(s) on the buses
  • Changing one’s Access Hub is not permitted
  • Attendee/s must bring BOTH tickets – a ‘No ticket, No travel’ policy will be applied.

Private Transportation – Yas Gateway Park

For those who prefer bring a car or to ride with a group, they can select a Transport Ticket for Yas Gateway Access Hub, located on Yas Island, where they can park their vehicles and transfer to the available shuttle bus service. Timings will be specified on the Transport Tickets to be released.

Note: On February 5, no private vehicle will be given permission to enter into Abu Dhabi Island in line with the said event.

Previous Day Arrival at Abu Dhabi and Dubai and international guests

Meanwhile, those who plan to travel to Abu Dhabi or Dubai a day before the Papal Mass event, and use the Abu Dhabi or Dubai Access Hubs, must possess a valid transport ticket for the Access Hub they wish to use. There will only be limited coupons released for this option.

All the same, the faithful coming from Abu Dhabi who prefer to walk to the venue may do so.

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