How to Get Free Car Check-ups for One Year in the UAE

As announced last year, 2019 will be observed as the Year of Tolerance, with respect to the country’s important role in bridging differences among people with different nationalities and back grounds.

However, other than the spirit of goodwill and respect being promoted by the initiative, not much is known as to how companies and organizations can contribute to the initiative on a specific level.

How to Get Free Car Check-ups for One Year in the UAE

UAE Rolls Out Free Car Check-ups for a Year

In response to this, car dealerships and retailers in the UAE will be offering free car check-up services for a year throughout the Year of Tolerance, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

Dr. Hashim Saeed Al Nuaimi, Director of the Ministry’s Consumer Protection Department and Rapporteur of the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection, explained in a press release last Sunday (January 13) that there are three conditions or criteria to be eligible for this service:

  1. Car owners must enlist for periodic maintenance of the vehicle with the available dealership.
  2. A booking for the check-up must be secured within the specified business hours/days.
  3. Check-ups cover oil change (brake oil or power steering fluid), but not any replacement of parts.

Furthermore, the car details will be submitted for registration in an electronic system to ensure compliance and that it is free of mechanical faults. Also, Al Nuaimi clarified that the check-ups will not be in conflict with stipulated warranty terms.

As per the press release from the vehicle committee headed by the Ministry of Economy, the initiative will be based on a year-long timetable distributed to all dealers in the UAE.

The initiative will be initially rolled out with Juma’a Al Majid, which already implemented the limited-time offer of free check-ups for Kia and Hyundai vehicle units.

This will be the second initiative rolled out by the Ministry of Economy in line with the Year of Tolerance. The first one allowed consumers to reclaim cars that had been retained by the dealership because the owners were unable to pay for either its maintenance or repair costs.

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Notably, Al Nuaimi advised vehicle owners to contact the ministry if they have any comments or suggestions after availing the free check-up services.