Honest Customer Shocks Filipina Cashier in Dubai when He Returns Excess Change

Part of our responsibilities at work is to make sure that all our deliverables are exact and duly accounted for, no matter what field we are in.

Failing to meet or account for one’s deliverables would have repercussions that could jeopardize a function or the system for which you are assigned to handle, and be made liable for.

Honest Customer Shocks Filipina Cashier in Dubai when he Returns Excess Change
Image Credit: Nerissa Maglanque’s FB Page

Customer Returns Excess Change, Surprises Filipina Cashier in Dubai

Imagine what a Filipina cashier working in Dubai felt when she gave excess change to a customer in one of her transactions. Thinking that there’s no way for her to retrieve the excess amount she mistakenly gave away, the Filipina was extremely surprised and beyond relief after the customer contacted her to return the excess change, as shared in a report by Gulf News.

The overseas Filipino worker, identified as Nerissa Maglanque, works at the cashier at an exchange bureau in Dubai Airport. She accidentally handed over two sets of AED 390 to one of the customers who exchanged his euros for dirhams.

In the course of the transaction, Maglanque failed to notice her mistake until the end of her shift, while she was checking her transaction for the day and noted that she was lacking AED 390. She would have had to pay for this if she wasn’t able to retrieve the amount from the customer.

Even if Maglanque was able to identify the person she gave the excess money to, and attempted to contact him, she was not able to do so.

The next day, however, the customer, Pierre Yves Couplet, a Belgian national, contacted Maglanque to inform her that he would return the excess amount in full and that she should not worry anymore.

According to Couplet, he was very tired at the time and failed to check the amount Maglanque handed him during their transaction.

He met with the Filipina to return the excess money, and even gave her some chocolates from his company to reassure her following the incident.

Maglanque extended her sincerest gratitude to the Belgian national for his honesty, despite only being in Dubai for only a few days.

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