Housemaid Charged in Court for Setting UAE Sponsor’s House on Fire

A housemaid in the UAE has been accused of deliberately setting her sponsor’s house on fire in a court in Fujairah.

As per court reports, the defendant purportedly poured the flammable liquid all over a cupboard full of clothes and set it ablaze “with an intention to destroy the house of her employer”. Upon reporting the incident, the Fujairah Police immediately rushed to the scene and arrested the maid, who denied the charges against her.

Housemaid Charged in Court for Setting UAE Sponsor’s House on Fire
Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Maid in UAE Sent to Court for Setting Sponsor’s House on Fire

However, investigations revealed that the liquid detected in one of the house’s rooms caused the fire. The lighter that appeared to have been used in the crime was also found in the cupboard, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

While no one was reportedly hurt during the incident, this resulted in major financial losses for the sponsor of the accused.

According to official records, the defendant, who worked in her sponsor’s house, brought a lighter and a flammable liquid on the day of the incident and set fire to a cupboard inside a room of the house causing the clothes to catch fire.

The sponsor’s wife first discovered the incident after she saw the smoke and informed her husband. The sponsor brought an extinguisher and put out the fire before it spread to the rest of the room. He then called the police, who examined the place and found the tools used in the crime. They arrested the domestic worker. As such, the housemaid has been referred to the Fujairah Criminal Court, where she denied the charges filed against her.

According to the prosecution, while the incident did not result in any loss of life, the fire could have resulted in the tragic death of the family.

The trial was adjourned until a later date this month.

Earlier this month, a massive fire struck an apartment in Dubai International City, which left five Filipinas homeless in the emirate.

And while due investigation still needs to be conducted regarding this case, it’s important to be extra cautious when dealing with materials that could cause a fire especially in residential buildings, where a lot of people may be affected.

Also, residents should consider the weather patterns in the UAE so as to avoid causing combustion from areas that are more prone to starting a fire.

In relation to the case, there needs to be incriminating evidence that would beyond any doubt point towards the housemaid as the prime suspect in this crime as there might have been other factors at play here.

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