Court Rejects Expat’s Appeal Against 10-year Jail Term for Killing Spouse in Dubai

A 27-year old expatriate who was sentenced by the court for the murder of his wife to a 10-year prison term was rejected for his appeal.

The Dubai Court of Appeals has upheld a 10-year imprisonment sentence, ordered by a lower court against the defendant, a guard from Cameroon for a murder conviction. In accordance with this, the court also upheld an additional three-month jail punishment for the defendant’s attempted suicide, as well as his deportation upon serving his term.

Court Rejects Expat’s Appeal Against 10-year Jail Term for Killing Spouse in Dubai

Court Trashes Expat’s Appeal Against 10-year Jail Term for Wife’s Murder in Dubai

In October last year, the Dubai Court of First Instance has found the guard guilty of murdering his wife and then trying to commit suicide by stabbing himself several times with a knife, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

The Al Barsha police station was notified about the domestic tragedy back on September 7, 2017.

A 27-year-old Cameroon man, who stood witness in the case, shared that he was in his flat watching TV when his roommate (the defendant) and his wife came in. He then left them alone in the room, where he saw the accused lying on the bed while his wife was busy with her mobile phone.

45 minutes later, upon the witness’ return to the flat, he saw several men at the door.

Those were maintenance workers. They knocked on the door and got no answer. I knocked on the door and called out my roommate’s name, to no avail. I then called his number and he did not pick up either. A repair engineer opened the door with a spare key. As the door partially opened, we saw the defendant on the floor and clearly injured. The wife was also there in a pool of blood,” the eye-witness narrated.

He also shared that his roommate and his wife were a “happy couple” and had not seen them fighting before.

According to the police, a murder report came from a building located on the Dubai-Al Ain Road.

As per the investigation, upon the arrival of the police at the scene of the crime, the building security staff and paramedics were already there. Blood splatters were all over the room and on the walls. The bedsheets were on the floor. The husband was leaning on the bed, appearing to be injured, with a stab wound in the abdomen and a knife next to him. A cleaver was also found in the room.

A forensic expert revealed that the accused underwent surgery for the internal wounds he inflicted upon himself. He had six stab wounds – some of them had cut through the intestine. The forensic report noted that those wounds could have been fatal had the defendant not been rushed to the hospital.

The man admitted to investigators that he stabbed his wife multiple times, including in her back, when she tried to run away from him.

The ruling was considered final as the defendant did not contest it at the Court of Cassation within the legal deadline.

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