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Sharjah Taxi is a project initiated by the Sharjah Government. According to the Emirate’s Chairman, Sharjah has seen a lot of developments in the past few years that it was able to hold the title of “Capital of Culture and Tourism.”

If you are seeking for work openings from this company, please check out the steps and other vital information you need to apply for a job from Sharjah Taxi below.

Because of the futuristic visions of His Highness, Doctor Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the emirate became a destination for important development and sustainable projects. His Highness is considered a member of the Supreme Court and Ruler of the Emirate of Sharjah.

The emirate likewise established Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority to build, develop, and maintain the modern infrastructure in the city.

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How to apply for a job in Sharjah Taxi in the UAE

To apply for a job as a taxi driver in Sharjah Taxi, there are prerequisites that you have to meet.

  • The first one is having your own taxi to drive. You have to own a vehicle to start this job. Remember that it is a commission-based work. The more you spend time driving doe passengers, the more money you will make.
  • Second, you need to have a driver’s license. You can apply for your license from Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority. This government agency is the one providing for licenses in the emirate in terms of transportation.
  • Third, you need your driving skills to pass the licensure examination and successfully become a taxi driver in the city. It is mandatory to undergo drive training since there are practical exams before you can get a license.

You can visit the Sharjah Road and Transport Authority head office or call their number to learn more about how you can obtain their approval so you can drive a taxi in Sharjah.

Sharjah Taxi History

The Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority manages Sharjah Taxi and other transport network in compliance with the best practices and developments capabilities. The authority aims to enhance the transport network in the emirate and Sharjah Taxi is one of the types of transport that can help achieve its goals. Without the authority’s approval, taxis in the city won’t be able to operate. This is why it’s important to seek the permit and approval from the right authority. There may be different taxi companies in the city but most of them are able to cater to passengers with the help of Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority.

Facts & Figures

  • Sharjah Taxi is operated by the Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority.
  • UAE Pass may be used to purchase their e-services.
  • Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority offers variety of services related to taxis and other transport in Sharjah.

List of Brands/Products Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority Handles

Services offered:

  • Permit to be issued for the driver of transport companies duly licensed out of Sharjah
  • Parking request for people with disabilities
  • Online taxi booking
  • License system
  • Intercity Bus Schedule
  • Public transport bus schedule
  • NOC request for construction works within right of way
  • NOC for connection of services
  • NOC request to the occupying of part of right of way
  • Traffic accident damages evaluation
  • Conducting a traffic survey
  • Complaint and suggestion
  • Guidance and traffic signs
  • Completion certificate for construction work within the right of way
  • Groundwater drainage
  • NOC of licenses of Department of Economic Development
  • Insurance Refund Request

Transportation Services:

  • Issuing a driving’s permit card for transport companies outside the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Issuing a permit card for drivers of transportation companies affiliated with the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Renewing the land transport activity to transport passengers by buses
  • Issuing a vehicle permit card for transportation companies outside the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Renewing bus rental activity
  • Book a taxi
  • Inquire about illegal operating violations
  • Issuing a representative card for transport companies
  • Licensing system
  • For suggestions, complaints, and missing items
  • The schedule of intercity buses
  • Renewing a vehicle for transportation companies within the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Issuance of a replacement for the transport company representative card
  • Public transport network bus schedule
  • Issuing a certificate of the right to practice bus rental activity
  • Vehicle registration for transportation companies within the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Renewing the activity of passenger transport by rental buses within the Emirate of Sharjah
  • Issuing a permit to practice land transport activity to transport passengers by bus
  • Renewing the activity of passenger transport with luxury vehicles on demand
  • Renewing a representative card for transport companies
  • Issuing a certificate of the right to practice passenger transport activity on luxury vehicles, upon request
  • Renewing a driver’s permit card for Sharjah transport companies
  • Issuing a certificate of the right to engage in passenger transport activity by rental buses within the Emirate of Sharjah.

What it means to work in Sharjah Taxi

Here are some of the feedback and reviews of the employees of Sharjah Taxi.

Drivers: Pay as you work, and of course, it’s a free job

“The work is based on commission, so you work more to earn more. The company will provide 3years working visa. and you have to keep car yourself, no supervisor.”

Taxi cab driver: It’s a job where you can build connections and explore a variety of places

“The typical starts with driving looking for customers and once you have collected your fare, you are supposed to pay it in before 2 pm.

I have learned to follow traffic rules when driving and gained skills in customer service.”

Driver: Good company

“It’s very good company.

Sharjah taxi give me too much benefits.

Like good insurance, clean environment,

No company pressure for work,

Just give target the driver if you complete the target you got good salary.

Free visa renewal, free medical.”

Taxi driver: Good environment to work

“Good work place to work as an individual taxi driver. I learned lot of social interaction with valuable customers. Good package and incentive. I learn a lot.”

Driver: Just good

“I have worked in this company so hard but not a good management company.”

Contact Information:

Address: Sharjah Road and Transport Authority, PO Box 30330, Sharjah, UAE
Complete Telephone Number: +971 6 503 3333

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