How to Earn Extra Income with Korooti

I have been a Korooti member for over 3 years now. One of the great things about this membership program, aside from the discounts you get from various establishments and the raffle giveaways, is that you get to earn extra income.

How do you earn extra money? You can do so by simply referring other people to join the program. There is a referral bonus if you become an affiliate and you will receive AED 20 per referral. This is a proven method of earning income as I was able to claim my referral bonuses twice already.

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how to earn money with korooti
claiming my Korooti earnings

Refer People to Join Korooti and Earn Extra Money as an OFW

Here are the steps you can do in order to earn money with Korooti.

  1. Sign up to become a member
  2. Get your card and Korooti profile link. The profile link will be used when other people sign up for a Korooti card.
  3. Once the referred person gets their card you will have AED 20 in your account.
  4. Claim the money from the Korooti office.

How to Refer Others to Korooti

According to the Korooti platform, you can follow the ways to promote Korooti

  1. Talk directly to your friends and have them sign up online using your link.
  2. Send your profile link via email
  3. Call and fill out their information on their behalf.
  4. Chat with your friend and send them your profile link via online messaging platforms.
  5. Share your profile link by texting/SMS
  6. Share your profile link by WhatsApp

The more people you refer, the bigger amount you will receive. In my case, I’ve managed to earn a substantial amount and that is through advertising on social media and websites. By sharing my experiences using the Korooti card, I also get to have a side income to help me with my daily/monthly expenses.

So to everyone who signed up with Korooti via DubaiOFW, thank you very much as this helps maintain the website. After all, maintaining this website is not free. But I’m glad that I’m able to keep up with the expenses through affiliate programs like this.

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