Man Commits Suicide in Dubai Few Hours after New Year

According to Dubai Police, a man has committed suicide in Bur Dubai 2 hours after New Years Eve. The police received an alert around 2 a.m. while the rest of Dubai was business celebrating the new year.

Director of Bur Dubai Police Station, Brigadier Abdullah Khadem bin Sorror, stated that they received a call at 2am on the 1st of January 2018, informing them of a man who hanged himself to death. The police rushed to the site and found that the man had committed suicide.

There was no foul play involved behind the death and the embassy has been informed to transfer the body to the man’s family. Friends of the victim told the police that they celebrated his birthday (as January 1 is also his birthday), and they watched the New Year celebrations together. However, he went back to his room and afterwards, they found the man’s body.

According to a report from GulfNews, the man had been depressed and was facing unstable situation.

For emergencies, UAE residents are advised contact the Dubai Police hotline: 999.