Manager who Sexually Harassed Pinay Cleaner to be Jailed for 3 Months

An Egyptian manager who allegedly groped a Filipina cleaner at work will serve three months in jail, after losing his appeal in court last Sunday (December 9), as shared in a report by the Gulf News.

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According to the report, the Pinay service cleaner who works for a housekeeping company was tasked to clean up a 46-year old Egyptian manager’s flat back in March 2018, and was paid for her work in an hourly basis.

Manager who Sexually Harassed Pinay Cleaner to be Jailed for Three Months

Manager who Groped Filipina Cleaner Faces 3 Months in Jail

The Dubai Court of Appeal sentenced the Egyptian manager to serve three months in jail, after it rejected the appellate of the defendant for his acquittal.

The 46-year old Egyptian manager had apparently made sexual advances on his Filipina cleaner as she was cleaning his residence back in March.

Despite his request for acquittal on the account that he had only accidentally touched the woman, the Egyptian national was still sentenced to serve three months in jail and is subsequently to be deported for his misconduct.

According to the statement of the 32-year old Filipina complainant, on March 11 around 2:30 pm, she was instructed by her employer to visit and clean the defendant’s flat.

Upon arrival, she let herself into the residence after she found that the door was open.  She cleaned the residence up until 6 pm when the owner of the residence arrived. They were the only people in the flat. The man called her to his bedroom to clean the dust on his bed.

The complainant told the prosecutors that as she was cleaning, the man groped her in her private areas and quickly withdrew his hand afterwards.

Realizing what just happened, the Filipina yelled at the man, and to his defence, he explained that it was only an accident. She also said that she had pushed his hand away, but he grabbed her hand and offered to pay her if she would remain quiet about what happened.

She then rushed to the kitchen, where the man followed her and placed his payment on the table.

The woman quickly took the payment and left the residence. Upon reaching the exit, she phoned the police to call for help.

The Egyptian manager is to serve prison time for at least three months, to be followed by immediate deportation.

The appellate ruling stands until it is further raised for appeal before the Cassation Court.

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