OFW Children’s Circle: New Program by OWWA for Kids of OFWs

Good news for children of OFWs. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) has established the Overseas Filipino Worker Children’s Circle (OCC) to safeguard the well-being of descendants of migrant workers.

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The OCC project will provide comprehensive services and programs for OFW children with the assistance of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) and the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW). OWWA will also collaborate with other stakeholders to guarantee that OFW kids’ needs are met.

owwa budget php 15 million for children ofw circle
Image: OWWA

OWWA Launches OFW Children’s Circle Project

Many children of OFWs are left behind as their parents work abroad. Some of them are able to see their parents frequently, while others only get to see them once or twice a year. This can be difficult for children, as they may feel neglected or abandoned.

This new initiative was authorized by Board Resolution No. 7 with the objective of the OCC is to assist OFW children in developing their full potential in community and nation-building, as well as addressing the societal consequences of labor migration, such as separation from an OFW parent and various issues affecting their mental health.

The Philippine government will assist children dependents in developing their abilities and talents, as well as giving them the opportunity to realize their full potential, under this initiative. It will also give protection against drugs and illegal substances.

Objectives of OFW Children’s Circle

Here’s a list of objectives and mission of this newly-created project for kids of OFWs:

  1. To showcase the creative skills and talents of OFW children;
  2. To improve socialization skills and harness coping mechanisms of OFW children;
  3. To foster awareness in youth-centered and civic advocacies such as environment and climate change, values reorientation, digital literacy and anti-drugs and substance abuse;
  4. To build camaraderie among OFW children, develop potential leaders among them and encourage the formation of OFW Children’s Circles;
  5. To encourage OFW children’s participation in policy and program development.

Programs and Initiatives

Programs and activities are designed to assist children cope with the adverse consequences and social consequences of immigration, as well as the coronavirus epidemic and other worldwide crises.

It will be a platform for OFWs to exhibit their inventive talents and skills, as well as enhance socialization skills and apply coping mechanisms.

It will also encourage awareness of youth-centered and civic issues such as reorientation of values, digital literacy,and substance abuse prevention.

The Board of Trustees has set aside PHP 15 million for operating administrative costs. OWWA also said that it will be implemented by its Regional Welfare Offices in the National Capital Region, Ilocos Region, Calabarzon, Central Visayas, and Davao Region.

Video: OFW Children’s Circle to Guide Children of OFWs

Check out this video clip below which features the announcement of the new OFW Children’s Circle community by OWWA:


The OFW Children’s Circle project aims to help these children by providing them with services and programs that will address their needs. OWWA will be working with the DOLE and DMW to implement this project. They will also be partnering with other stakeholders, such as NGOs, schools, and government agencies, to make sure that all the children’s needs are met.

This is a good and exciting project because it will help the OFW children in many ways. It will help them to be more confident, it will help them to get to know other people and it will also help them in their studies. We hope many OFWs and families will be able to take advantage of this project. We also hope that more people will be encouraged to participate in this project so that it can help even more children.