OFW’s Wife Donates Kidney to Save Husband

“For better or for worse, in sickness and in health” One could only wonder how much those words mean to a couple, unless faced with a situation that challenges the very extent of their love for each other.

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This has been the story of Homer Rapadas, an OFW, and his wife Rowena, as featured in a report by Gulf News. On September 12, Rowena had undergone surgery to donate one of her kidneys to her husband, Homer, who was suffering from kidney failure at the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) in Abu Dhabi.

OFW’s Wife Donates Kidney to Save Husband
Image Credit: Homer Rapadas FB Page

OFW in UAE Receives Wife’s Kidney to Save his Life

For Homer, a 45-year old OFW based in the UAE, who was on dialysis following kidney failure, what Rowena did for him was an act of selfless devotion, an early Christmas gift, as well as a renewed chance at life.

With Homer’s case turning for the better because of what his better half had selflessly gifted him, the couple can now look forward to spending a merry Christmas celebration with their 11-year old daughter, Samantha.

Homer, who works as a staff nurse at SEHA Ambulatory Healthcare, has suffered from a neurogenic bladder issue, a congenital disorder, which led to the failure of his kidneys. Following his successful transplant, he is now back to work and is free from pain.

In a separate interview with Gulf News, Homer shared that they have learned of his condition by accident through a routine physical assessment back in 2011. He was suffering from chronic back pain and frequent episodes of urination at night. Homer’s tests revealed that his creatinine levels were abnormally high. If it had been detected sooner, Homer’s kidneys could have been salvaged. By the time it was discovered, it was too late, Homer recounted.

Homer’s kidneys have been working up until 2017. However, in January 2018, he started undergoing kidney dialysis after he was diagnosed with total kidney failure.

Following the sad news, Homer and his wife had met a medical committee that recommended them to get transplant from a live and related donor as the only promising cure to Homer’s condition, with a promise of complete recovery. This had made Rowena decide to give it a go and check for a tissue match.

Rowena shared that from the time their kidney tissues had matched, she immediately decided to donate half of her healthy pair of kidneys to her husband, in observance of their wedding vows.

Despite the complexity of the surgery, specialists at the SKMC were able to carry out the operation successfully. Homer has recovered well and has now returned back to work as a healthcare staff himself.

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