Abu Dhabi Police Urges Residents to Stay In due to Bad Weather

The Abu Dhabi Police has issued an advisory through social media for its residents in the city, following continuous rainshowers in most parts of the UAE.

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Rain in the UAE is a rare occurrence, which typically happens only a few times in a year. This usually takes place when there are changes in the season.



Abu Dhabi Police Issues Weather Advisory as Storm Brews in the UAE

With the expected changes in the weather, residents have been advised to practice extra caution while on the road and to avoid heading towards the coastline as much as possible.

Weather forecasts released early Monday morning (Nov. 12), shared that temperatures will go down on Monday until Tuesday. Residents can also expect slight mist on Wednesday morning.

Thunder, lightning, and heavy rain were experienced in various parts of the UAE overnight. The severe weather in the UAE was brought about by a storm that has entered the country over the weekend.

Citizens shared various photos showing lightning, low visibility, high winds, and heavy rains in various parts of the country.



The Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police have warned residents and motorists to stay inside their houses and to take precautions while driving on the road due to inclement weather in various parts of the country.

In line with this, authorities also reminded motorists not to use hazard lights while driving in poor visibility conditions or simply not to turn them on while on the road, as it may lead to confusion and possibly accidents in such conditions.

For their part, the National Centre of Meteorology and Seismology has also issued similar weather advisories on their website and urged seafarers to defer sailing out into the sea as waves can reach up to seven feet high under such conditions.

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