12 Tips: How to Drive During Foggy Conditions in UAE

Winter season in the UAE is always a welcome respite from the scorching summer heat. This is also the time when people visit places like Dubai Miracle Garden, Dubai Garden Glow, and other attractions. However, winter also brings about a not-so-fun weather condition: fog.

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Reduced visibility during foggy conditions makes driving difficult if not basically impossible. Safety measures must be taken by anyone who plans to venture out when there’s fog. In this article, we present several tips for keeping safe when driving in foggy weather.

Here’s a video of what it’s like to drive in Dubai during thick foggy weather conditions so please be careful everyone!

12 Safety Tips for Driving in Foggy Weather

During winter season in the UAE, we usually cannot avoid foggy weather. Here are some tips to help you stay safe even when traveling in such conditions:

1. Check the weather news.

Even before you get out of the house, be sure to check the news for any forecasts about foggy weather. If you happen to be driving already when you encounter foggy streets, make a call to your office to let them know that you might be coming in late. They’ll understand!

2. Drive your car only if you have to.

Waking up to a foggy morning means that you might have to report late for work. Do not hesitate to inform your boss that it’s not safe to drive outside — at least, until the fog clears.

As much as possible, drive your car only if you have to.

3. Drive slowly.

If you suddenly come across foggy conditions while driving, slow down to about 50 km/h or less. Keep calm and do not rush! It is better to be arrive for work late — yet safe and sound — instead of risking your life while driving fast.

4. Keep your distance.

This rule actually applies to any driving situation, but it becomes even more crucial during foggy weather. Keep your distance from the car in front to avoid any accidents.

Check your speed and drive slowly.

 5. Turn the heater on.

Cool, foggy weather could lead to condensation building up inside your car. By turning your heater on, your windows will stay clear and improve visibility.

6. Turn the fog lights on.

Not all vehicles come with fog lights on the front, but all cars should have rear fog lights — especially since the law requires it. Turn the fog lights on while driving through fog, then turn them off once the fog clears — to avoid “dazzling” other motorists.

7. Make use of other safety features.

Aside from turning on your fog lights, consider using other safety features, such as the car defroster and windshield wipers. In particular, the windshield wipers are essential for keeping your windshield clear during foggy conditions.

Windshield wipers come in handy.

8. Do NOT drive with the hazard lights on.

While you may be tempted to turn on your hazard lights to be more “visible” — this is not a good idea. Switching them on basically means that your car is “stationary.” Hence, the driver behind you might think that you have stopped and brake suddenly, which could lead to an accident.

9. Listen and stay alert.

To be on the safe side, turn your car radio off, so that you can be more aware of other vehicles around you. Open your window slightly to stay alert for any important sounds. Since you’re driving slowly, the wind noise wouldn’t be so loud even if your window is open.

Watch out for animals crossing the road.

10. Avoid changing lanes.

With the visibility down during foggy weather — now is not the time to switch lanes frequently! As much as possible, stay on the inside lane and do not rush! Keep in mind that there are other motorists on the road whom you might not have seen while changing lanes.

Foggy weather leads to reduced or even zero visibility.

11. Watch out for animals.

It is not uncommon to see camels passing by, especially on the back roads. Watch out for these animals, especially in foggy conditions.

12. Stop at a service station.

The weather might have been clear when you left the house, but you might suddenly find yourself driving on foggy streets. If the reduced visibility makes it impossible to drive, slow down and stop at the nearest service station. Take time to rest and wait until the fog clears.

Wait until the fog clears before driving again.

We can’t control the weather, but we can control how we react to it. By heeding these tips, you can stay safe even during foggy conditions. Also, don’t forget to carry your driving license at all times! Here’s our guide to applying for a driving license and renewing a driver’s license in Dubai.

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