WATCH: How to Drive Safely During Rainy Conditions

Although the UAE has been hailed as the safest country in the world, we can never be too careful when it comes to road safety, especially during unpredictable weather conditions.

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Moderate to heavy rains have hit several parts of the country lately, causing traffic in some areas. And while authorities are doing all they can to streamline traffic, they have also advised motorists to take extra precautions, such as leaving work early to avoid congestion.

WATCH How to Drive Safely During Rainy Conditions

UAE Authorities Share Driving Tips for Rainy Season

Through its official Twitter account, the Dubai Police shared: “Drivers are being urged to exercise caution during unsettled weather conditions.”

Likewise, the Sharjah Police has also taken to social media, reminding all motorists to follow safety regulations to avoid any unfortunate accidents on the road.

On Twitter, the authority has released a video on how to drive safely during rainy conditions, specifically by citing the following tips:

    1. Drive safely and avoid high speeds.
    2. Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front.
    3. Don’t get distracted while driving.
    4. Do not approach the water bodies and wadis flow.
    5. If the vehicle is exposed to minor traffic accidents or mechanical breakdowns, you must take the vehicle out of the road and stop it in the nearest safe position, in order to preserve your safety, and to ensure the smooth flow of traffic.

The full video, which was shared in Arabic with English subtitles, can be viewed below:

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When it comes to travel, safety should be our utmost priority, especially during unpredictable weather. On the same note, we’d like to share these tips for driving during foggy conditions, as well as a list of traffic rules and regulations that all drivers, commuters, and pedestrians should be aware of.