RTA Launches “Digital Coach,” a Robot to Train Dubai Drivers

If you’re a regular commuter on public transportation in Dubai, you’d be happy to know that government authorities are constantly improving the system. This includes the provision of training for public transport drivers… using advanced technology and artificial intelligence!

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Just recently, the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has launched the “Digital Coach” project for public transport drivers. The first of its kind worldwide in terms of driver training, the project goes in line with the UAE’s Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI).

RTA Launches Digital Coach, a Robot to Train Dubai Drivers
Image Credit: RTA Dubai on Facebook

Robot to Train Drivers as Part of “Digital Coach” Project

Through a press release issued on 24th November 2019, the RTA shared that the Digital Coach is designed to train both new and professional drivers regarding traffic awareness. The robot contains all information pertaining to the topic, and is able to respond to questions that driver trainees may ask during the lectures.

Interestingly, the robot is equipped with AI technologies, enabling it to carry out interactive training to keep drivers focused. The RTA intends to use it as an advanced training tool as part of the drivers’ training modules, thus refining their knowledge and skills.

In the future, the RTA also plans to upgrade the Digital Coach, particularly in terms of handling continuous improvements in training materials. In any case, the robot marks a significant breakthrough in the field of transport and AI technology — not only in Dubai, but worldwide.

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The launching of RTA’s Digital Coach further cements Dubai’s reputation as a “Smart City.” Of course, other than gaining knowledge and skills on driving, we should also follow traffic rules and regulations at all times, to ensure the road safety of all motorists and pedestrians.