4 Steps to Take if you Get into a Car Accident in Dubai

Unfortunately, road and traffic accidents in Dubai do happen and sometimes it happens frequently. If you find yourself in a traffic accident or collision, then here is what you need to do immediately after to deal with the situation quickly and smoothly.

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As a driver, it is important that you understand the steps you should take in the event that you get into an accident. Keep calm and make sure to follow the process outlined below.

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Driver Tip: What to Do in Case of a Traffic Accident in Dubai

The steps mentioned here may seem easy and simple, but it is very important that we are aware of our situation should we get into accident. So please follow these steps:

Step 1: Stop

No matter whether the collision is minor or serious, you need to stop your vehicle in the closest and safest place immediately. It is legal requirement to stop, and failure to do so can result in fines, black points and the confiscation of your vehicle.

Turn your engine off and your hazard lights on to alert other vehicles of your presence.

In the event that the other driver fails to stop, take a note of their car registration number so you can provide it to the police.

Step 2: Alert the authorities. Dial 999

Dial 999 to alert the authorities, let them know you have been in a collision and where the collision has taken place so they can find you. If people are injured and require medical attention you need to request for an ambulance.

While the authorities are on their way have your driving license and car registration card ready. If you can (and it is safe to do so), try and take photos of the damage to your vehicle.

Step 3: Authorities will arrive and prepare a report

It is important to try and remain calm and polite to the other party involved and the authorities.

Once the police arrive they will document all the details, listening to understand what happened from both parties.  They will issue a Police report in Arabic, and you will receive a pink form if you are at fault, a green form if you are not at fault, and a white form if neither party is accused.

Step 4: Tell your insurance company

After the incident you will need to contact your vehicle insurance company (or car rental company), to let them know about the accident.

Your insurance company will then advice you as to whether you are safe to drive away (if there’s only minor damage) or to stay so that they can send a recovery truck, or provide you with details for a recovery truck if one is not provided with your insurance company to tow your vehicle away.

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