Breaking this UAE Traffic Law Incurs AED 1,000 Fine and Four Black Points

The Abu Dhabi Police has released an announcement on social media regarding its campaign to raise awareness for motorists to drive safely on the road as fog starts to envelope the city this time of the year.

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The announcement, as echoed by Brigadier Khalifa Mohammed Al Khaili, director of the traffic and patrols, urges drivers to pull over the road when there’s low visibility in the area due to fog. Motorists are also advised to not drive too close to other vehicles to avoid accidents.



Driving in Foggy Conditions Could Cost You a Hefty Fine and Black Points in the UAE

Al Khaili also clarified some misconceptions regarding the use of warning lights while driving, explaining that they are primarily used to warn other drivers when their car is stationary.

Through the implementation of various sectors of the Abu Dhabi Police and the initiative of the Abu Dhabi Joint Traffic Safety Committee in coordination with the traffic department, the campaign was formally launched to highlight the significance of driving safely in foggy conditions to prevent accidents, as well as incidents leading to injuries, even deaths.

Al Khaili also cited the importance of broadcast warnings on the national early notification system and road instructions from smart towers in order to lessen or eliminate any unfortunate incident of this nature.

As per the UAE’s traffic laws, driving in foggy road conditions without the use of low or fog lights is illegal warranting a fine of AED 500 and 4 black points on the driver.

Meanwhile, companies that operate truck and buses were reminded to commit to the 12-24-60 passenger capacity rule, as well as the observance of Article No. 10 from the revised provision of Traffic Law No. 178, which sanctions a fine worth AED 1,000 on top of four (4) black points on violators driving heavy vehicles in prohibited locations according to Al Khaili.

Here are some safety reminders when driving in foggy conditions:

  1. Pull over your vehicle beside the road when you can’t see the road clearly.
  2. Maintain a safe gap between other vehicles.
  3. Do not use warning lights as these should only be switched on when stationary.
  4. Drive slowly and carefully under challenging circumstances.

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