Abu Dhabi Police Issues Road Safety Advisory During Unstable Weather Conditions

Driving in the UAE is quite different from other areas in the world because weather status can complicate terrain conditions here, making it more difficult for drivers to navigate the road, and ending up in accidents for some, unfortunately.

This being the case, authorities have been on the lookout for any weather changes expected to affect the country, in order to raise awareness among drivers who ply the roads on a daily basis.


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Tips for Safe Driving during Unstable Weather Conditions . . Abu Dhabi Police urge motorists to drive safely during unstable weather predicted across the country during the coming days, with the possibility of rain and dusty conditions mainly in open areas; causing poor visibility and fog. Motorists have been urged to comply with the Safety Traffic Committee’s decision and drive at a maximum speed of 80 km/h during unstable weather. They have also been advised to maintain a safe following distance and avoid applying brakes suddenly, to prevent the risk of skidding when roads are slippery. @stscabudhabi #أبوظبي_أمن_وسلامة ‏#Abudhabi_safe_and_secure #الإمارات #أبوظبي #شرطة_أبوظبي #أخبار_شرطة_أبوظبي #الإعلام_الأمني #في_أبوظبي ‏#UAE #AbuDhabi #ADPolice #ADpolice_news #Security_media ‏#InAbuDhabi

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Warning Issued by Abu Dhabi Police Re: Unstable Weather

The Abu Dhabi Police, through its social media page, reminded motorists to drive with caution during unstable weather across the country in the coming days.

Along with the advisory, the police reminded motorists of the possible weather conditions, such as rain and dusty conditions that they might experience across the capital.

Furthermore, motorists were urged to comply with the Safety Traffic Committee’s instruction to drive at a maximum speed of 80 km/h during unstable weather.

Motorists have also been reminded to maintain safe distance from other vehicles, and to avoid applying sudden breaks to prevent the risk of skidding when roads are slippery due to bad weather.

Failure to comply with road safety measures imposed by authorities could land motorists with hefty fines, black points, and jail time for irresponsible road behaviour.

More than that, the reminder emphasizes the need to promote public safety in order to prevent unwanted accidents, which could end up taking the lives of both the driver and their passenger(s).

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