800 AED Fine for Applying Make-Up or Smoking Shisha while Driving

A friendly reminder to all motorists: avoid putting on make-up or smoking shisha while driving. Otherwise, you will be fined AED 800 and slapped with 4 black points.

The new rules, along with other driving regulations, will take effect starting July 1, 2017. These were officially signed by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Lieutenant General Sheikh Saif Bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Ladies, be sure to apply make-up BEFORE driving your car to avoid distractions and accidents.

Smoking Shisha or Applying Make-Up While Driving is Prohibited
According to the head of the UAE Federal Traffic Council, General Mohammad Saif Al Zafein, the revised rules are for people who tend to get distracted while driving. Lately, the police have caught motorists who were smoking shisha while driving their vehicles.

“We stopped motorists who were smoking shisha inside their vehicle,” he explained. “Such behavior while driving is dangerous and irresponsible.” He also stated that female motorists who are caught putting on make-up while driving will be fined. The same goes for those who are eating, reading, fixing a scarf, or using a “selfie stick” while driving.

The rules are intended to prevent motorists from getting distracted while driving.

List of Driving Violations and Fines
Here is a list of the violations and their corresponding fines:

  • Not wearing a seat belt — AED 400, 4 black points
  • No safety seat for children (4 years old & below) — AED 400, 4 black points
  • Putting on make-up while driving — AED 800, 4 black points
  • Smoking shisha while driving — AED 800, 4 black points
  • Using a mobile phone while driving — AED 800, 4 black points
  • Stopping cars on the road and blocking traffic — AED 1000
  • Littering on the road while driving — AED 1000, 6 black points
  • Jumping a traffic signal — AED 1000, 12 black points, car impounded for 30 days
  • Reckless driving — AED 2000, 23 black points, car impounded for 60 days
  • Reckless driving (buggy drivers) — AED 3000, buggy impounded for 3 months
  • Driving without a license plate — AED 3000, 3 black points, car impounded for 3 months
  • Driving at 80km/h over speed limit — AED 3000, 23 black points, car impounded for 60 days
  • Driving under the influence (alcohol or drugs) – suspension of license for 1 year
Children four years old and below should be strapped in safety seats inside the car.

Keeping the Roads Safe for Everyone
These rules are intended to keep the roads safe for everyone. Official figures show that last year, there were 120 accidents caused by jumping the red light. Of these, two people were killed and 144 were injured. All in all, the total number of fatalities increased from 166 in 2015 to 198 in 2016.

Following the rules on driving can help keep us safe on the road.

Road safety involves not only ourselves, but all other motorists and passengers on the road. Let us help keep Dubai roads safe by following these rules while driving our vehicles.