Smokers Beware: AED 500 Fine for Throwing Cigarettes in Dubai

There are quite a number of do’s and don’ts in the UAE when it comes to dress code, public behaviour, and other matters. If you’re a smoker, beware of throwing cigarette ends on the sidewalks or streets of Dubai. Otherwise, you will have to pay a hefty fine.

In a bid to maintain cleanliness and discourage smokers from littering the streets with cigarette ends, Dubai Municipality has launched a campaign. Those who get caught throwing cigarette ends on the sidewalk will have to pay a fine of AED 500.

Smokers: Beware of where you throw your cigarettes.

Throwing Cigarettes May Cost You AED 500 in Fine

In 2016, inspectors from the Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality issued 2939 fines to people who threw trash in public places. To prevent this from happening again, they have boosted their efforts by campaigning against litterbugs and taking stricter action.

At present, the department has 154 inspectors on the lookout for violators. If they catch you throwing trash while walking in a park, strolling in commercial areas, or driving on the road — you will be fined AED 500. If you do it again, the fine will double, then triple for every offence.

Throwing cigarette ends on the sidewalk could cost you AED 500.

Spitting Will Also Incur AED 500 in Fine
“While the campaign targets people who throw cigarettes and other pieces of paper, we are also trying to stop other unhygienic habits of people who spit on the road,” according to Abdul Majeed Saifaie, Director of the Waste Management Department at Dubai Municipality.

Poster shared by Dubai Municipality on Facebook

Aside from throwing trash and spitting on the road, there are other rules that we should follow. For instance, putting on make-up or smoking shisha while driving could cost you AED 800 in fine. In addition, here’s a list of driving violations that everyone in Dubai should be aware of.