Luxury Car Racks Up AED 170,000 in Fines

Time and time again, we’ve shared about the consequences of reckless driving in Dubai. Not only will it endanger your life; it will also cost you a hefty sum in fines!

Recently, however, a tourist in Dubai seemed to be unaware of the traffic rules. In just three and a half hours, the tourist, who had rented a Lamborghini, racked up a total of AED 170,000 in fines! The motorist was caught driving 240 km/h along Sheikh Zayed Road, Gulf News reported.

A luxury car has racked up huge fines in Dubai.

Dubai Tourist Amasses Huge Speeding Fines

On July 30th, the tourist, a British national, rented a Lamborghini Huracan in Dubai. Early the next morning — from 2:30 am to 6:00 am — radars caught him driving beyond the speed limit along Sheikh Zayed Road and Qarn Al Sabkha Road.

The speed limit on Sheikh Zayed Road is 120 km/h, while some roads leading to Abu Dhabi have a speed limit of 140 km/h. Even so, the said tourist was caught driving at 240 km/h! Specifically, radars captured 12 violations for going over 200 km/h, as well as records for driving from 150-200 km/h.

The tourist was caught speeding in a rented Lamborghini.

Speeding Fines & Black Points
Based on the revised UAE traffic law, speeding would lead to the following fines and black points:

  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 30 km/h – AED 600 fine
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 40 km/h – AED 700 fine
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 50 km/h – AED 1,000 fine
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by no more than 60 km/h – AED 1,500 fine + 6 black points
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 60 km/h – AED 2,000 fine + 12 black points
  • Exceeding maximum speed limit by more than 80 km/h – AED 3,000 fine + 23 black points

Meanwhile, according to Emarat Al Youm, an Arabic daily, the fines were issued against the vehicle and not the driver. Hence, the rental company was obliged to pay the huge traffic fines.

The speed limit on Sheikh Zayed Road is 120 km/h.

Traffic rules are created and enforced for good reasons — the primary one being the safety of all motorists, passengers, and pedestrians. So let us abide by these rules at all times! Here is a list of traffic driving violations and fines in Dubai… be sure to keep them in mind!

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