3 Killed in Abu Dhabi Bus Accident

Warning to all drivers to drive safely and carefully especially given the changes in weather conditions. Today (22nd September 2020), the UAE experienced foggy weather conditions.

Abu Dhabi Police posted a reported that 3 were killed and 2 people were injured after a vehicle accident between a large and small bus towards Al Faya-Saih Shuuhaib truck road.

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abu dhabi accident fog

3 Dead and 3 Injured in Bus Crash in Abu Dhabi

According to Abu Dhabi Police, the driver of the larger bus was not paying attention to the smaller bus which led to the accident.

Abu Dhabi authorities have reminded all drivers in the UAE to be careful on the roads due to the reduced visibility caused by the fog as it can lead to accidents.

Motorists in Abu Dhabi and the UAE are reminded to be extra careful on the roads with the increased number of accidents due to the reduced visibility caused by the fog.

May we all stay safe and remind everyone to be careful on the road.

Bus Collision with Camels in Nahl Area

In another incident, a bus collision with a number of camels also occurred on the truck road towards the Nahl area due to poor horizontal visibility due to fog. Fortunately, there were no injuries reported.

The Abu Dhabi Police called for caution and caution while driving and not to be busy other than the road, especially during fog hours, to avoid accidents and maintain the safety of everyone, stressing the importance of adhering to safe driving and speeds determined on the roads in these conditions.

Reminders during Foggy Weather from Abu Dhabi Police

1. Keep a maximum speed of 80km/h.
2. Keep a safe distance.
3. Do NOT use hazard warning lights.

Below are images shared on Abu Dhabi Police social media pages regarding this incident.

abu dhabi fog accident accident fog uae


Below is a post from Abu Dhabi Police regarding the incident:

Here’s a reminder from Abu Dhabi Police in driving carefully against dense fog:

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