UAE Lands 2nd Spot in World’s Safest Cities to Visit List

A new major study has named the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the world’s 2nd safest city to visit.

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Bowing only to Iceland, which took the first spot, the UAE was regarded safer than most popular travel destinations, such as Australia, Spain, and the United States.



UAE is World’s 2nd Safest City to Visit

The ranking was based on the data gathered in a new study conducted by Which? Travel, which rounded up the world’s top 20 holiday vacation spots using statistics, collated by the World Economic Fund, the World Risk Report, NHS Fit for Travel website, and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) terrorism assessment risk to evaluate the participating countries’ overall safety.

According to the results of the study conducted by Which? Travels, out of the 20 popular holiday destinations they evaluated, Iceland, unsurprisingly, came out on top.

The report has also unveiled the worst ranked places to visit in terms of safety, which include South Africa, Turkey, India, Mexico, and Thailand.

The study follows up a separate list released by Numbeo, a website for crowdsourced global data, which identified Abu Dhabi as the safest city in the world for two years in a row, while Dubai ranked 11th in the official list.

As per Which? Travels, here are the top 10 safest cities to visit:

  1. Iceland
  2. UAE
  3. Singapore
  4. Spain
  5. Australia
  6. Canada
  7. Japan
  8. Morocco
  9. Jordan
  10. Barbados

This doesn’t really come as a surprise because the UAE government is keen on enhancing its cities’ overall living conditions, while upgrading its status as a top tourist destination in the world.

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