Pinoy Start-Up Company Awarded AED 50,000 Fund by LBC Express

Congratulations to Amazing Clothing Company for winning the inaugural Philippine Business Council Fellowship Programme, in partnership with LBC Express Inc.

The Amazing Clothing Company bested five other aspiring business start-ups, shortlisted from a pool of 12 groups and 40 individuals, to win the AED 50,000 start-up fund. 

Philippine Business Council Winner startup UAE
L-R: Camille Erispe, Savvy Setup; Mark Agalo-os, LBC Express; Joey Rendon and Lemuel Africa, Amazing Clothing Company;
Bobbie Carella, PBC – DNE; Allan Bautista, LBC Express

Amazing Clothing Company Wins Top Prize in Philippine Business Council Fellowship Programme – Awarded 50,000 Dirhams by LBC Express

Founded by Lemuel Africa and Joey Rendon, Amazing Clothing Company is a garments company that focuses on producing edgy, contemporary, and patriotic t-shirts, polo shirts, and bespoke jackets. Africa, who works in retail, was inspired to form his own business because he had a hard time looking for clothing that let him express his personality as a Filipino.“I realized that a lot of Filipinos like me in the UAE were looking for shirts that would show not only our patriotism but also our unique character. So I decided to take a chance and work with a visual artist to create designs that would really speak to Filipinos and let them express themselves.” 

Says Mark Agalo-os, LBC Express Vice President for Middle East Operations, “Through the years, LBC has always championed Filipino entrepreneurship. We are proud to be Amazing Clothing Company’s partner as they set up their business in the UAE and expand it to the GCC. As our partner, Amazing Clothing Company will share not only our network of 6,400 branches, hubs, warehouses, partners, and agents in over 30 countries worldwide; they will also share in our 70 years of experience, expertise, and knowledge.”  

With the inaugural Fellowship Programme, PBC – DNE hopes to encourage more Global Filipinos to start becoming entrepreneurs. Says Chairman Bobbie Carella, “This is only the beginning of a shift of mindset. With this programme, we hope to inspire Filipinos in the UAE to follow their own entrepreneurial dreams.” 

Consul General Paul Raymond Cortes adds, “The success of any commercial enterprise lies in innovation and uniqueness. This is where the Filipino’s innate creativity will play a big part. Through this programme, we rise beyond the perception that you need money and connections to become successful – it is with new and bold solutions that we are able to succeed.” 

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