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IN PHOTOS: An Empty Sheikh Zayed Road during 2nd Night of Disinfection Program

On one of the rare occasions where the busiest road in Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, was seen empty. The UAE government implemented the National Disinfection Program where streets, public transport, and public utilities are sterilized as a precautionary measure to combat the spread of the pandemic.

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Last night was the 2nd night of the 3-day program and people have been advised to stay home while the government does its job of sterilizing the streets. (Check out workers sterilizing the streets during the first night here.)

sheikh zayed no vehicles
Images: Dubai Media Office

No Vehicles on Sheikh Zayed Road during 2nd Night of Sterilization Campaign

Various campaigns have been brought out in order to spread the message for residents to #stayhome. With the pictures below, we can say that people have been quite cooperative.

The Government of Dubai thanks the residents for following instructions and making sure we all work together in fighting the virus.

Dubai Media Office has shared pictures of the famous highway. What is used to be a very busy highway has turned bare and empty you can see the Sheikh

Image credits: Dubai Media Office

dubai roads empty night dubai sheikh zayed road empty dubai szr empty empty road in sheikh zayed road dubai empty sheikh zayed road streets national disinfection program road no cars sheikh zayed road picture sheikh zayed road no car

roads in sheikh zayed empty

Below is the Tweet from Dubai Media Office:

Dubai Thanks Residents for Staying Home:

This sterilization for the areas in the emirate of Dubai has been carefully planned using advanced equipment and technologies in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications.

We thanks the workers and their put in a lot of hard work and dedication in this program.

There’s another night of disinfection so we ask everyone again to follow the rules while government workers will continue to work on the streets.

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