UAE Police Releases Safety Advisory for All Parents

In line with the upcoming extended winter break in the country, the Abu Dhabi Police have issued a safety advisory for parents concerning their children staying at home, as shared in a report by the Khaleej Times.

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The warning says: Do not place furniture near windows. This way, children won’t have a way to get to the window and fall. The message goes out to all parents and families living in high-rise residential buildings.

UAE Police Sends Out Safety Warning for Parents for the Holidays

Other than the timing, the advisory was also a response to a recent incident, where a 7-year old girl fell to her death from the fifth floor of their family apartment in Sharjah.

The police are quick to point out as well, that as weather conditions have already improved, some families leave their windows and balcony shelves open and unattended for long periods of time, which can be a cause for untoward incidents involving kids.

Young children might go over these dangerous areas and slip over window sills or between bars.

The post shared that even a fall from two metres off a balcony can be fatal for children and adults alike.

Therefore, it’s important that parents and guardians are aware of this danger and to take precautions by installing window barricades that prevent it from opening beyond four inches, metal bars, and to keep balconies inaccessible to kids when not in use or without adult supervision.

The post also pointed out that adult supervision in such areas is crucial to children’s safety.

The timing of this kind of announcement is important, not only for parents, but also for guardians available when the kids are at home, especially for the school break. It is every adult’s responsibility to look after the safety and welfare of the kids, and that is just what the police are emphasizing in this statement that they released before winter break.

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