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Two Filipina cleaners were put to trial last Tuesday (December 11) for allegedly stealing a MacBook Pro worth AED 21,000 that was left inside a washroom in Dubai, according to a report by Gulf News.

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According to the statement of the Emirati complainant in court, she had forgotten her MacBook Pro inside a washroom at a Spinneys branch in Dubai back in October, and was unable to find it when she rushed back to get it.

Two Filipina Cleaners Accused of Stealing AED 21,000 MacBook

Two Pinay Cleaners Suspected of Stealing MacBook Worth AED 21,000

Realizing that someone may have taken her AED 21,000 MacBook Pro laptop, the woman immediately called the police to report what had just happened.

After interrogations were carried out, the police were led to the arrest of two Filipina cleaners working at the establishment at that time.

Prosecutors then accused the two women of stealing the AED 21,000-worth MacBook Pro laptop.

On Tuesday’s trial, however, the defendants denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty in court.

To their defence, the Filipina cleaners explained to presiding judge Mohammad Jamal that they did find the device lying on the floor inside the washroom, but they had no intentions of stealing it.

The Emirati woman told prosecutors that she had her laptop with her inside the washroom at Dubai Silicon Oasis, and she had unknowingly left it on the floor.

Nevertheless, the woman complained that her laptop was nowhere to be found when she rushed back inside the washroom to get it. The Filipinas, however, were quoted as admitting to prosecutors that they had stolen the item. A ruling will be passed on December 25.

In the UAE, it’s common for some people to leave their belongings in certain places of interest, such as restaurants and cafes, as most of the time, these items get returned or are left untouched. It’s just unfortunate that this kind of news comes up, especially involving our kababayans. Despite the positive culture of honesty in the country, users should also be mindful of their belongings, especially when it’s worth a hefty amount in the market. Hopefully, this situation becomes cleared up by both parties.

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