How to Avoid Credit Card Theft: Abu Dhabi Police

Be extra careful whenever you use an automated teller machine (ATM), as thieves could be out to steal your bank account details. Abu Dhabi Police has warned against credit card theft through electronic devices that are attached to such machines, WAM News Agency reported.

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According to the Acting Director of Criminal Investigation Directorate at the Criminal Security Division, Brigadier General Omran Ahmed Al Mazrouei, they have received reports of thefts done through electronic devices. He also shared some tips for avoiding such incidents.

Abu Dhabi Police Issues Warning Against Credit Card Theft

Brigadier General Al Mazrouei explained how credit card thefts are committed. Thieves use an electronic device with a small camera that can store pin codes and encryptions of the magnetized strip on bank cards. Using these, they can enter the data once again and withdraw money.

How can we avoid credit card theft? Al Mazrouei shared the following tips:

  • Watch out for any suspicious persons when you withdraw money from ATMs or pay in shops.
  • Check for any strange or unusual-looking devices in or near the ATMs.
  • Do not leave your credit cards in “obvious” places (e.g. inside your car).
  • Never reveal your password and bank account details to anyone.
  • Use safety measures offered by your bank, such as SMS notifications for every transaction.

How to Avoid Credit Card Theft 3

In addition to these, we would like to share a few more safety tips:

  • Do not use your birthday, anniversary, or other “obvious” dates as your password.
  • As much as possible, do not withdraw money from ATMs alone. Bring a friend with you.
  • As you enter data into the ATM, cover the keypad using your other hand.
  • Do not count your money as soon as it comes out. Better do this in a private place instead.

Of course, in case you experience theft or observe any suspicious activity, do not hesitate to contact the police and report to the bank, so they can protect your account. Always have a copy of emergency hotlines with you. Here are some safety reminders from Dubai Police as well.