Ramadan Working Hours for UAE Private Sector Announced

UAE employees in the private sector, the working hours during Ramadan has been announced – the hours will be reduced by 2 hours during this fasting season.

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A statement posted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), states these terms and this was issued last Monday. This reduced work hours is in accordance to Article (65) of Federal Labour Law No. 8 of 1980 which talks about work relations and its amendments thereof.

Daily Work Hours for Employees Reduced by 2 hours During Ramadan 2020

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Below is a statement from MOHRE regarding the announcement:

The Tweet says – Ministerial announcement: Reducing the working day by two hours for all employees working in the private sector during the holy month of Ramadan (1441 Hijri), as per the Federal Law No. 8 for 1980, on Regulating Labour Relations.

Note: Please be advised that the changes in work timings should not affect compensation, employees will still be given full salary.

This 2020, since we are facing a crisis, there are new policies for offices and businesses requiring only maximum of 30% of workforce capacity (except for vital sectors).

In case you are working in a federal government/public sector, be advised that the public sector employees will be allowed to work 5 hours a day this Ramadan season. More details here.

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