Retail Sales Representative in Dubai

Sally (not her real name) worked in a retail shop as a sales executive for 7 months until she filed for resignation. Her employer understood her reasons, but the employer’s wife complained that she did not have “gratitude” in them for giving her work despite being on a Visit Visa.

Pinoy Retail Sales Rep in Dubai

Sally explained that she needed to be practical and there was an opportunity knocking so she had to take it.

Luckily for her, the new company was in a Freezone which meant that they have rules different from those mandated by the UAE Labour Law. She was banned by the employer but it’s been lifted since the new employer is a Freezone company.

She sent her resignation and finished one month’s worth of duties to pay for her 30-day notice. Either she would pay 30 days worth of salary or choose to work for her hours. She chose the latter.

Her resignation and labour permit papers were processed, but sometimes her employer would not talk to her in her last days of work especially when she tried to contact them for updates about her labour papers.

Still, after she served her term, she was able to work in her new Dubai company with a better pay.

Points from this Story:

  • You can transfer to a different company in Dubai despite having a Limited Contract so long as you’re under a freezone. You may have to work for a certain period depending on the labour law. There will be an automatic ban and your only option is either a Freezone business or in the Emirates government.

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