RTA Closely Monitoring Illegal Car Lifts

WARNING to those who are using car lifts. Make sure you are riding vehicles with registered licenses to operate and your company has a contract with them.

The Road and Transport Authority or RTA has released a statement that they are on the lookout for illegally transferring passengers within Dubai and the UAE. The campaign has been specifically setup to target those who are illegally transferring between the different Emirates.

“Last year, before the launch of the campaign, a total of 2,647 offences were reported and about 1,344 offences were reported last December.” said Dr Yousef Al Ali, CEO of RTA Public Transport Agency.

RTA Campaign on Private Car Lifts

RTA Fines

Individuals or companies usually offer passengers car lifts while charging them lesser amount than what they could’ve paid for if they made use of the available public transportation. This is a violation of transport rules whether it’s in Dubai or from Dubai to other Emirates.

Ensure Car Lifts are Legal

The penalty on either or both the passenger/s and the one offering the car lift services has not been mentioned. However, a number of cases have been already reported which includes: individuals advertising on social media car lift services on their privately owned vehicles and the use of hired buses in transporting passengers.

So practice caution and make sure that your transportation have the proper license in the UAE to operate as official car lifts. Better be safe.

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