Na3Na3 Restaurant’s Iftar Buffet at The Address Dubai Mall

Na3Na3 Restaurant located at The Address Hotel Dubai Mall is offering Iftar buffet which features Arabic cuisine. This holy month of Ramadan, if you plan to break fast by tasting different Middle Eastern food, then check out the offerings by Na3Na3 Resto.

Na3Na3 – The Address Dubai Mall
Iftar Dinner Special this Ramadan Month

iftar buffet at nana restaurant dubai mall

Na3Na3 Duabi Restaurant at The Address hotel

Traditional Arabic Cuisine at Na3Na3 Resto – Dubai

Na3Na3 seems to have a weird spelling, but according to the staff, the number 3s are in Arabic and it is simply pronounced as Na-Na. When you arrive at the restaurant, you can immediately notice that the ceiling is high and gives spacious surrounding for dining. Lighting is just right for eating intimately with friends and family.

na3na3 dubai

Entrance of Na3Na3 Restaurant

Food servings are aplenty and there’s a variety of hot dishes, salads and appetizers, unlimited drinks (included with the buffet cost), and international and Arabic sweets. Timings for this iftar meal normally start around 7:30pm or when the sun has already set.

The traditional iftar buffet specialty costs 195 AED and it starts at sunset. Check out the food variety below.

na3na3 restaurant dubai
salads and greens

na3na3 food review
Na3Na3 buffet food counters with plenty of variety!

food at na3na3 resto dubai
hot dishes and main course meals at Na-na resto – Dubai, UAE

na3na3 the address hotel

desserts aside from traditional Arabic sweets

If you want an impressive blend of Middle Eastern hospitality and authentic Arabic home style cooking, head over to Na3Na3. They cook their dishes with traditional ingredients and seasonings. They also offer live cooking stations, hot dishes and freshly baked breads available from the open kitchen. Na3Na3 provides a warm ambiance combined with simple elegance.

How to Get There

Location: The Address Hotel (attached to The Dubai Mall)
Nearest Metro Station: Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall metro station – Red Line

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