World’s Fastest Police Cars Only in Dubai – Video

Dubai has been a symbol of luxury in the Middle East and aside from the shining skyscrapers, you can see how the government of Dubai is proud to showcase its super fleet of police cars.

These super cars are a mass of high end of sports vehicles from different parts of the world. Audi, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mercedes, Bentley, Ford Mustang, etc. – these are just some of the cars showing Dubai’s richness and wealth.Dubai Police Cars!

dubai police cars photoscreenshot of Dubai Police Cars
Source: Vocativ

Dubai Police Cars Video of World’s Fastest Police Cars Video

These super luxury cars are used to market the Dubai Police services. To remove the barrier between the police and the community.

worlds fastest police cars dubaiscreenshot of super police cars
Source: Vocativ

Marketing Strategy

The police parade their super cars around Dubai. When they stop in different parts of city people are happy to see the cars and they take photos of these vehicles. The police officers are able to interact and shows a more positive image of the police.

Check out this short clip of these police cars in the Emirates. Only in Dubai folks!


Video Source: YouTube Vocativ

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