Partition Rent Increase: Rising Costs in the UAE

One not-so-fine morning I saw a post at the back of the flat I’ve been renting coming from the building management. It’s about the rising of costs of the apartment and they will require every tenant to pay 100 Dirhams on top of the normal rate we’ve been paying. This didn’t sit well with me, but as the saying here in the UAE goes, “What to do.”

Partition Rental Increase

From 1500 AED to 1700 AED

My current monthly expense on renting a shared accommodation is 1500 AED. This partition of mine is the smallest division among the rest of the partitions inside the flat. I was sold to getting this space for me to stay in Dubai because DEWA (Electricity and Water) bill is already part of the 1500.

There’s free access to an old (but clean) swimming pool and initially the gym was also free. They scraped the gym out and I found  it out too late but it was fine since it was going to be summer and at least I’d be paying a fixed rate as the total bill. I’m currently paying for two persons inside my partition.

100 Dirham Increase Per Person in Partition Rentaldubai rent increase

Paying 1700 AED is too much and I’m glad that to the least, they gave us a warning wherein the effectivity of this will be on August 2014. Since I’m also moving to a different company, I’ll have to find another place to live in Dubai so I won’t be paying as much when it comes to transportation. Finding a place that’s near your office is one of the ways you can save in the UAE.

Transferring from Bur Dubai to Silicon Oasis

From Burjuman area to Al Karama to Bur Dubai to Silicon Oasis. Within more than a year, I’ve managed to move to these areas. I’m not complaining as I’ve heard stories from other kabayans that they’ve moved mostly every 2 months only.

Looking for Partitions in Silicon Oasis

Now I’m scouting for different available bedspace or partitions in the Silicon Oasis area since I’ll be transferring to a different company as well. I’m excited and I’m hoping that rental costs more affordable for me. This area is a bit beyond the city so I’m expecting that the costs of house rents are cheaper here. I hope to get a partition in Silicon Oasis to make my transportation expenses to a minimum.

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