Moving to a New Flat in Al Karama

So I transferred to a new location here in Al Karama. We moved to a new place as the person in charge of the room I was renting wanted to get a new apartment. I also need to save on my monthly expenses as I cannot afford to rent the flat all by myself.

It was a little daunting to pack the stuff and then repack. Although my belongings are not that much, I did my part in helping my other roommates move their stuff. It took some time to settle especially when there were issues with the landlord and the flat that we rented in Karama.

We had problems with false promises and that the apartment would be ready for us to transfer. We also had issues negotiating with the landlord to the point that we were ready to back out and just find probably a room for rent in Al Rigga or somewhere else in Deira. Only, the landlord did not give the money cheque back.

dubai transfer house
moving apartments in Dubai

Tips to Those Who are Moving Apartments

  • Contract – Make Sure Contract is already set up before paying.
  • Payment Receipt – Normally, you would give a down payment to the agent for the flat. Always ask for a receipt of the payment as proof that you made  payment.
  • Ready for Occupancy – Make sure that there are no other tenants in the flat so that there wouldn’t be an overlap of renters. Less hassle and sometimes drama. This also includes all utilities and interiors being repaired and ready.

There are other tips and mostly it’s all about common sense. You can hire services that offer truck transport of your belongings. By the way, better if you don’t pack too much stuff while you live in Dubai. It’s going to be a problem with so many items to carry when you transfer. Try to live minimally. 🙂

In our New House in Dubai

We will be here hopefully for the next three months, until our short contract will expire; and until we can find another place that’s not too much of a headache. Good thing the bed bugs or “surot” is no longer much of an issue since the walls in the new place are newly painted and I have a new partition to rent.

New Partition

For now, I’m just glad that my partition has a big window and that the apartment is just walking distance to the Karama station so I can commute to work without waiting long. I’ll make the place a home for now.

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