Bed Bug Attacks in Dubai, UAE

I’ve never had any problems with bed bugs, until now. When you’re living in the United Arab Emirates, it is already a given that your home has air conditioning. And with so many air conditioned buildings with numerous people living in each apartment, you can expect that all sorts of problems arise; bed bugs are one of these issues.

bed bugs
a bed bug, just one of them
photo source: technorati

I’ve got my first taste of insect bites (or should I say these insects have had their first taste of my flesh) already on my first night in Dubai. I kept scratching my skin while on my double-bunk bed. When I woke up in the morning, I saw a lot of ugly and itchy marks all over the right side of my hip and my right arm. I would’ve taken a photo but I think it would be really gross.

My housemate said that it’s due to the natural light passing not passing through the rooms. The other day, I was told that it’s because of the cramp space. Either way, I hate these nasty bugs and they’re a pest to society!

Back in the Philippines, we didn’t have problems with these critters even if we were all cramped. Probably because of the environment? Anyway, my current solution to this concern aside from cleaning my bed regularly, is wearing long sleeves, pants, and socks while sleeping. Even if I’d look a little ridiculous, at least the bites have been lessened.

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