Al Attar Shopping Center in Karama

I’ve been looking for a smartphone accessory for quite some time and I was wondering where I could buy some cheap cellphone cases and a screen protector as well. When I talked to my fellow Kabayan housemates, they informed that I should go Alattar.

Alatar, Alattar – I found out that the correct spelling is Al Attar  – is a great place if you want to find knock-off watches, perfumes, Pinoy food, bags, haircuts, Filipino products, mobile phone accessories, laptop repairs and second-hand cellphones. This is like a Divisoria (though not as big) in the Philippines where shops sell different stuff at cheap prices.

alattar shopping center karama
the building is just beside Karama shopping Center

Anyway, this shopping mall is just located beside Karama Center and it’s actually just within walking distance from where I live!

Alatar Shopping Mall in Karama Area

In the beginning, I wondered where this Alatar mall was because there was no sign with the name “Alatar Mall” on the building. Only when I asked another pedestrian did I understand that this was the shopping center that a lot of Pinoys have been talking about in Karama. To think that I’ve already been here before to have my laptop repaired!

alatar shopping dubai

reminds of Pinas

pinoy food in karama

Filipino food inside. They also have Chowking and a few other restaurants inside

Buying Cheap Smartphone Accessories in Alattar Shopping Mall in Karama

I was able to get myself a smartphone case for 30 Dirhams and a screen protector for 10 Dirhams. Not sure if this was cheap already, but it’s better than paying inside the Dubai malls.

cellphone case karama

cheap phone accessory in Dubai

Another tip, you can haggle to mark the prices down from the initial offer by the staff. There are different shops that sell the same merchandise. If they don’t give you a discount, you can say that you’re going to look in other shops. They will most likely give you a little discount, unless of course you’re asking for too much.

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