Filipina Shocked to Discover Fake Tenancy Contract Worth 7250 AED

Be careful to all expats who are renting an apartment in the UAE. A Filipina in Dubai was duped out of 7,250 AED after renting a flat from two Pakistani males and paying 7,250 AED in advance.

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The Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case of a 31-year-old Filipina who stated that she saw a Facebook post advertising a rental unit.

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Filipina Shocked to Discover Fake Tenancy Contract Worth 7250 AED

Pinay in Dubai Shocked to Discover Fake Tenancy Contract Worth 7250 AED

She remembered dialing the written mobile number and afterwards confirming her permission by transferring 7,250 AED – only to discover that the tenancy document had been falsified, the Gulf News reported.

The men had taken her to look at an apartment in the Oud Al Muteena neighborhood. According to the victim, she initially paid 250 AED for registration fees. She paid them 7,000 AED three days later and was provided receipts for the payment.

When she realized the contract was forged, she phoned the couple, but their phones were turned off, and she filed a complaint with the police, according to the woman.

The two Pakistani guys, aged 24 and 21, who had tricked the building watchman to get entry to the apartment and publish images of it on Facebook, were tracked down and arrested by Dubai Police.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Public Prosecution charged the two individuals with faking official documents and stealing 7,250 AED from the victim.

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