Pay Using Your Phone: RTA Dubai Launches Digital Nol Cards

Do you keep losing your nol cards? If that’s you, then you’d be happy to know that Dubai’s RTA has come up with a tech solution for this problem: the digital nol card. RTA Dubai has launched virtual nol cards using the nol Pay mobile app on HUAWEI AppGallery. From now, you can use your smartphone as your nol card. 

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The digital nol card is a more convenient version of the traditional (physical) nol card, which can also be used to pay for public transport fares, as well as other payments such as parking fees, shopping at certain retail outlets and refueling station, among other things.

Launching region’s first digital nol cards in cooperation with Huawei

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and Huawei Consumer Business Group have announced the exclusive launch of the GCC’s first digital nol cards and nol Pay mobile app on HUAWEI AppGallery. This collaboration is in line with the RTA’s plan to adopt advanced and innovative technologies into Dubai’s transport sector as part of the UAE Strategy for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Huawei is supporting RTA’s initiative and wider UAE strategy by leveraging its knowledge and experience as one of the world’s leading innovation and technology companies.

This was announced during a ceremony attended by Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Consumer Business Group in the Middle East and Africa, and Jerry Liu, CEO of Huawei in the UAE.

digital nol card with smartphone

Mohammed Al Mudharreb, CEO, Corporate Technology Support Services Sector of RTA, Dubai said, “The new RTA nol Pay app works with HUAWEI Wallet to enable residents in the emirate to quickly pay for their public transport journeys – and any facility that uses nol cards – from their HUAWEI smartphones. Users can download the app directly from HUAWEI AppGallery on their smartphones, create their Huawei ID using HUAWEI Wallet app and begin using this service immediately to top up their digital nol cards and pay on-the-go through their phones. HUAWEI Wallet provides the underlying NFC technology support to nol Pay app, which enables a seamless and secure payment experience for Huawei and RTA customers.”

He added, “This innovative solution is the first of its kind by RTA and we aim to bring added convenience to HUAWEI smartphone users. The nol Pay app provides users with the flexibility to purchase tickets on all RTA’s transportation services, from Dubai Metro up to waterbus, Tram and more. This new app also aligns with our overall digital transformation strategy to adopt fourth industrial revolution technologies into Dubai’s transport sector.”

Pablo Ning, President of Huawei Consumer Business Group, Middle East & Africa said: “We are proud to be working with RTA as it continues its journey to adopt digital technology into the services it offers. The exclusive launch of the RTA Digital nol cards on Huawei smartphones represents a milestone achievement and is the first of its kind in the region. The success of this partnership highlights HUAWEI AppGallery’s ongoing commitment to work with local partners in developing the most innovative and compelling experience for our users. By partnering with esteemed entities like RTA, we look forward to continuing to support the innovation agenda of the UAE government.”

Huawei smartphone users in Dubai can now access the region’s first digital nol card through HUAWEI AppGallery. The new app allows users to buy tickets for Dubai Metro, water buses, trams and more through nol Pay app and HUAWEI Wallet. They can also recharge their digital nol cards through the app directly. Customer payments are safe with HUAWEI AppGallery’s stringent full-cycle security and protection system that meets the highest international standards to ensure the privacy of consumers. Users can download the app directly from HUAWEI AppGallery then log-in with their Huawei ID using the HUAWEI Wallet to top up their digital nol cards and pay on-the-go through their phones.

The nol Pay app adds to HUAWEI AppGallery’s portfolio of transportation apps and provides consumers with ample choice to help them get to their destination.

Below is a Tweet from RTA Dubai regarding this update:

Do You Keep Losing You Nol Card? Dubai’s RTA Offers Digital Nol Card App

Last week, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled its ‘virtual’ Nol card, which allows users to load a Nol card on to a mobile phone and use it to access transport services in the emirate, as shared in a report by the Arabian Business.

Just like the traditional nol card, the virtual card can also be used to pay for public transport fares, as well as other payments such as parking fees, shopping at certain retail outlets and refuelling stations. The Nol card can be recharged using credit or debit cards that are saved on mobile phones.

Credits: RTA

The RTA unveiled the new tech solution at the GITEX 2019, citing plans to launch it for Dubai users in Q3 of 2020.

According to Mohammed Al Khayat, director of Automated Fare Collection at RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector, “We are keen to familiarise the public with this initiative for buying the virtual Nol card and saving it in their mobile phones where they can top-up the card directly from their credit cards, which are saved in their phones.” 

Al Khayat explained though that the NFC feature has to be enabled in the smartphones of riders in order for them to use the virtual Nol card in paying fares for metro, bus, tram and marine transport services.

He added, “RTA is planning to roll out the virtual Nol card in the third quarter of 2020. Later on, all the existing Nol card functions will be added to the virtual card. Offering this initiative couldn’t have come at a better time as Dubai is heading towards the hosting of a big event, Expo 2020.”

Once the virtual nol card has been rolled out officially, we can no longer blame ageing if we’re not able to find our physical nol card in our stuff since we will only need to have our mobile phones for this. 

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