8 Pharmacies in Sharjah Shut Down for Increasing Prices of Face Masks and Sanitizers

Violators be warned. The current pandemic has led to some establishments taking advantage of the crisis and increasing prices of goods. In Sharjah, the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) has shut down a number of pharmacies across the emirate for raising the price of goods, violating measures undertaken under adopted consumer laws.

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According to SEDD’s Commercial Control and Protection Department, the pharmacies were given violation notices are placed on warning, after the department had received complaints about price hikes on face masks, sanitisers, and gloves, In a statement, the department noted that it was able to crack down on many pharmacies during its intensive inspection campaign in Sharjah, which covered around 28 pharmacies.

Below is a post from Sharjah News on their Instagram account regarding the shut down:

Following the inspection campaign eight pharmacies were shut down, four were given violation notices and nine were given warnings.

The move is part of the department’s keenness to prevent consumer exploitation and malpractice in the emirate.

How to Report Price Increases in Sharah
The SEDD called on the public to inform the department about any violation they come across through the call centre, 80080000, or its social media channel, @Sharjaheconomic, or by visiting the Sharjah consumer protection website.