Don’t hoard, Dubai assures residents there is enough stocks of face masks, gloves and sanitizers

As the entire population of the UAE is currently advised to #stayhome, with the exemption of essential (skeletal) workforce in certain industries, some people are starting to worry if they will be able to gather enough supplies while they are confined in their homes, especially now since the UAE government has announced that it will be extending its National Sanitization Program for another week until April 4.

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While the government is becoming more aggressive in its measures enforced to curb the spread of the virus in communities, officials are also making sure that the needs of all residents are met on a daily basis, especially if the situation goes longer than expected. In a previous announcement, His Highness Sheikh Mohamed reassured residents that the UAE is able to “provide all required food and medical supplies continuously and infinitely”.

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No to Hoarding and Panic Buying: Dubai Economy Reassures Enough Supplies to Go Around

And on that note, the Dubai Economy reassured residents on Sunday that there is no need for panic or anxiety regarding the availability of hygiene essentials, as shared in a report by the UAE’s state news agency, WAM.

In an official announcement, Dubai Economy affirmed that there are “adequate” stocks of face masks, gloves, and sanitizers at leading supermarkets across the country. It also reminded residents to shop responsibly and to avoid hoarding of essentials.

Officials noted Lulu supermarkets’ efforts to source a daily average of 1.6 million face masks across their 75 branches in the UAE.

Commenting on this, Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector in Dubai Economy, shared: “We express our sincere appreciation for the Lulu Group for their keenness to support the precautionary measures being adopted by the UAE authorities against the COVID-19 pandemic. The prompt action by Lulu Group to provide adequate supplies of hygiene essentials will enhance confidence among the public and help them comply with the prevention guidelines against the pandemic.”

Lootah added that retailers in Dubai, especially those supplying basic needs of people, have risen to the occasion and ensured that residents do not face any shortage during this critical time.

“Dubai Economy calls on all commercial outlets to continue to co-operate with the authorities and reaffirm their commitment to consumer rights as well as public health and safety, which has played a major role in establishing Dubai a competitive business hub and a preferred place to live,” he affirmed.

For his part, V. Nandakumar, Chief Communications Officer of Lulu Group, said, “From the time of the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, we have been flying-in these essentials so that we have uninterrupted availability and sustained supply of such goods throughout all our stores. We are sourcing these hygiene products from the top manufacturers who fully comply with international best practices and health standards.” 

Nandakumar also confirmed that the hygiene essentials are being controlled to remain at affordable prices across Lulu outlets.

Moreover, he pointed out that a box of 18 masks costs AED 29.00 while the price of a set of 100 gloves starts at AED 26.00.

In line with this, the Dubai Economy urged consumers to raise any concern regarding the unavailability of essentials or price manipulation via its call center number 600 54 5555, the ‘Dubai Consumer’ app, or the Consumer Rights website.