IN PHOTOS: 3rd Night of National Disinfection Program

The Dubai Municipality continued its disinfection program on its 3rd night of operations. While residents stayed indoors, the Dubai government worked hard to sterilize the streets.

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The National Disinfection Program has been extended until April 4 as per recent announcement by the government. Residents are still advised to stay indoors during the sterilization timings (8pm to 6am) and those who need to go out should apply for a permit to move be outside.

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Images: Dubai Media Office

Pictures During 3rd Night of Sterilization Program

So in case you are wondering what the government did, below are pictures during last night’s sterilization.

Images: Dubai Media Office

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Part of Dubai Municipality’s disinfection operations in Jumeirah in cooperation with other government entities.

Videos: Dubai Municipality and Dubai Civil Defence Sterilize Jumeirah District:

Below are Tweets from the Dubai Media Office:

As we start another new workweek, UAE companies and businesses have been instructed to operate only 30% of their workforce in their offices while the rest should be working from home.

As the situation is ever changing, may we all stay updated with the news and updates on the new policies and guidelines that will be given to us. We will always keep you posted.

We thank all the employees from the last 3 nights and the succeeding nights of the week as the sterilization process is to continue. Let us all continue to stay in our homes as the government will work on the streets.