UAE National Disinfection Program Extended until April 4

UAE residents, please be advised of this recent announcement. The National Disinfection Program has been extended until April 4 – Saturday (ends on April 5 Sunday – 6am).

In an announcement made during a press briefing on a Saturday, UAE authorities advised residents to continue staying at home as the government will be sterilizing the streets across all emirates.

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Residents Advised to Continue Staying Home for Sterilization Process

During the day time, traffic and public movements to continue as normal.

But during 8pm to 6am, movement of traffic and public will be restricted. Public transport and metro services will be stopped. Residents can still go out only for necessities, but must apply for a permit to move during this period. Please visit:

To repeat, there is NO need to apply for permit if you go out during day time to buy necessities. 

UAE companies and businesses in both public and private sectors have been advised to operate only 30% of their workforce. More details here.

Below is a Tweet from Dubai Media Office regarding the schedule:

UAE National Disinfection Program Extended
Image: Dubai Media Office

The country is currently on a National Disinfection Program for 3 days where residents are advised to stay home between 8pm to 6am. Those who need to go out will require to get permission and register via website. So please be advised that the program will continue until April 4 – Saturday and will end on April 5 – Sunday at 6am.

So we advise everyone to continue supporting the government and follow rules and guidelines in order to prevent the spread of the outbreak. Let’s all work together and stay in our homes.