Sharjah to Fujairah Bus Timings

Commuting in the UAE, a country known for its seamless transportation networks and efficient connectivity has been greatly facilitated by the extensive bus services offered between major cities. Among the numerous routes available, the Sharjah to Fujairah bus timings stands out as a popular and crucial route for both residents and tourists alike.

Connecting two vibrant emirates, this bus service offers a convenient and economical way to traverse the distance between the bustling city of Sharjah and the picturesque landscapes of Fujairah. With punctuality, comfort, and accessibility at its core, the Sharjah to Fujairah bus timings play a vital role in enhancing the overall travel experience across the United Arab Emirates. Read on to learn more.

Sharjah to Fujairah Bus Timings
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Sharjah to Fujairah – Route 116

Commuting between Sharjah and Fujairah by bus covers a distance of approximately 116 kilometers.

On this route, the bus journey usually takes about 2 hours and 20.19 minutes when traveling at an average speed of fifty kilometers per hour.

For this convenient travel option, the bus ticket fare is estimated to be around 175.2315, considering a charge of 1.5 per kilometer.

With affordable rates and reasonable travel duration, the bus service offers an accessible and efficient way to travel between these two dynamic cities.


Here’s the route map that buses ply from Sharjah to Fujairah, and vice versa.

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Bus Route

1. Al Jubail Bus Terminal 4

  • Address: Al Jubail Bus Terminal 4, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Jubail Souq, Sharjah Jubilee Park

2. Sharjah Airport Terminal

  • Address: Sharjah International Airport, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Aviation Museum, Sahara Centre

3. Dhaid, Post Office

  • Address: Dhaid Post Office, Dhaid, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Dhaid Fort, Al Qara Mountain

4. Masafi, Police Station

  • Address: Masafi Police Station, Masafi, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Masafi Park, Masafi Friday Market

5. Fujairah, Choithrams Supermarket

  • Address: Choithrams Supermarket, Fujairah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Fujairah Mall, Sheikh Zayed Mosque

6. Sharjah University

  • Address: University City, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: American University of Sharjah, Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club

7. Simla Supermarket

  • Address: Simla Supermarket, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Al Ittihad Park, Sharjah Art Museum

8. School Station

  • Address: School Station, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Sharjah Cricket Stadium, Al Zahra Hospital

9.  Oceanic Hotel Roundabout

  • Address: Oceanic Hotel Roundabout, Sharjah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Corniche Al Buhaira, Al Majaz Waterfront

10. Al Lulayyah Co-op Society

  • Address: Al Lulayyah Co-op Society, Fujairah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Fujairah Corniche, Sheikh Zayed Mosque

11. Zubara

  • Address: Zubara, Fujairah, UAE
  • Nearby Landmarks: Fujairah Museum, Fujairah Fort

Bus Schedule and Timings

Are you planning a journey from Sharjah to Fujairah? The 116 Bus Route offers a convenient and reliable transportation option to travel between these two vibrant emirates.

Bus Timetable

The bus service operates throughout the week, offering regular trips to accommodate different travel schedules.

On weekdays (Monday to Thursday), as well as weekends (Friday to Sunday), the first bus departs from Sharjah Al Jubail Bus Station at 05:30 AM, and the last bus leaves at 11:00 PM.


The buses on Route 116 run with a convenient frequency, ensuring minimal waiting time for travelers.

Between 5:30 AM and 11:00 PM, buses are available every 30 minutes, allowing you to plan your journey with ease and flexibility.

Important Tips

  • Arrive Early: To secure your seat and avoid any last-minute rush, it is advisable to arrive at the bus station a few minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Check Schedules: Double-check the bus schedules to plan your trip according to your preferred timing.
  • Comfort and Convenience: Buses on this route are equipped with essential amenities to ensure a comfortable and pleasant journey. Be sure to carry necessary items like water, snacks, and a book or entertainment device to make your trip even more enjoyable.
  • Safety Guidelines: Comply with the safety guidelines provided by the bus service to ensure a secure travel experience for everyone on board.

Bus Fare and Payment Options

Travelling by SRTA (Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority) bus from Sharjah to Fujairah is not only a cost-effective option but also a convenient way to explore the beauty of these two vibrant emirates. Here’s everything you need to know about Bus Fare and Payment Options to make your journey smooth and hassle-free.

Bus Fare

In 2023, the one-way ticket price for the SRTA bus from Sharjah to Fujairah is just 27 AED. This affordable fare makes it an attractive choice for commuters and travellers looking to enjoy a budget-friendly journey while witnessing the scenic landscapes along the route.

Payment Options

Paying your bus fare using the Sayer Card in the UAE is a simple and convenient process. The Sayer Card is a smart card used for public transportation, including buses, in several emirates like Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use the Sayer Card to pay for your bus fare:

  1. Get a Sayer Card: First, you need to obtain a Sayer Card. You can purchase one from any ticket office, customer service center, or authorized sales agent at bus stations or malls.
  2. Load Credit: Once you have the Sayer Card, you need to load credit onto it. Visit the ticket office or self-service machine at the bus station, and choose the desired amount to be added to your card. You can pay in cash or using a debit/credit card.
  3. Boarding the Bus: When boarding the bus, hold your Sayer Card close to the card reader located near the entrance. The card reader will detect your card and deduct the appropriate fare from your loaded credit.
  4. Check Balance: After tapping your card, the card reader will display the remaining balance on your Sayer Card. This will help you keep track of your credit and know when it’s time to top up again.
  5. Transfers: In some locations, you may be eligible for a free or discounted transfer within a specific time period after the initial boarding. Check with the local transport authority for specific rules and benefits related to transfers.
  6. Exiting the Bus: When you reach your destination, you do not need to tap your card again while exiting the bus.
  7. Top-up as needed: If your Sayer Card balance is running low, you can top it up at any ticket office, self-service machine, or authorized sales agent.

Using the Sayer Card offers the convenience of not having to carry cash for your bus fare and allows for smoother and quicker boarding. Remember to keep your Sayer Card safe and avoid bending or damaging it, as this may affect its functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the bus timings for Sharjah to Fujairah route?

The buses from Sharjah to Fujairah operate daily with consistent timings. The first bus departs at 5:30 AM, and the last bus leaves at 11:00 PM.

2. How long does the bus journey take from Sharjah to Fujairah?

The travel time by bus from Sharjah to Fujairah typically takes around 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on traffic and road conditions.

3. How frequently do the buses run between Sharjah and Fujairah?

Buses on the Sharjah to Fujairah route run at a regular interval of approximately every 30 minutes, providing commuters with flexible travel options.

4. Where is the main bus station in Sharjah for Fujairah-bound buses?

The main bus station in Sharjah for buses heading to Fujairah is the Al Jubail Bus Station.

5. Are there any intermediate stops between Sharjah and Fujairah?

Yes, there are intermediate stops on the way from Sharjah to Fujairah, including the Fujairah Bus Stop.

6. Is the bus service available on weekends?

Yes, the bus service operates seven days a week, including weekends and public holidays, ensuring continuous connectivity between Sharjah and Fujairah.

7. Are there any special facilities on these buses?

The buses on the Sharjah to Fujairah route are equipped with essential amenities, providing passengers with a comfortable and enjoyable journey.


In conclusion, the UAE’s commitment to providing seamless transportation options has significantly improved commuting within the country.

The extensive bus services connecting major cities have become essential for both residents and tourists.

Among these routes, the Sharjah to Fujairah bus timings have emerged as a popular choice, offering a practical and cost-effective means to travel between the dynamic city of Sharjah and the enchanting landscapes of Fujairah.

The convenience and affordability of this bus service make it a preferred mode of transportation for many, ensuring punctuality and comfort throughout the journey.

Moreover, the accessibility it provides contributes to an enhanced travel experience across the United Arab Emirates, connecting people from different regions and cultures.

As the UAE continues to develop its transportation infrastructure, the Sharjah to Fujairah bus route remains an integral part of the country’s efforts to create a seamless and efficient commuting experience for all travelers.

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, exploring the scenic beauty and vibrant culture between these two emirates becomes even more enjoyable through this well-planned and well-executed bus service.

So, next time you plan your journey, consider opting for the Sharjah to Fujairah bus timings to truly appreciate the wonders that the UAE has to offer.

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