Places to Visit in Fujairah, UAE

Spanning an area of 1,450 square kilometers, Fujairah is the fifth-largest among the seven emirates of the UAE. Located on the eastern part of the country, it is the only emirate that is situated on the Gulf of Oman instead of the Persian Gulf.

Fujairah is a mountainous area and you will find that it is covered mostly by desert. The best time to visit this emirate is in spring or autumn. During these periods, the weather is not too hot, while the rains have not yet arrived.

Fujairah is the fifth-largest among the seven emirates of the UAE.
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Tourist Attractions in Fujairah

Despite being one of the smaller emirates, Fujairah has many tourist attractions, including:

Ain Al Madhab Gardens
You will find the Ain Al Madhab Gardens by the foot of the Hajar Mountains. There are natural warm pools and freshwater springs where you can bathe or simply relax. There is also an outdoor theater where traditional songs and dances are performed.

Al Fujairah Paradise
Al Fujairah Paraside is a beautiful resort community in Fujairah. It consists of one thousand five-star villas, a hotel, and even a shopping mall. Remarkably, Al Fujairah Paraside is the first major community project in the emirate.

The Fujairah Fort is the only stone building that you will find in the Fujairah coast today.
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Al Hayl Castle
The Al Hayl Castle was built over 250 years ago and is reported to be the headquarters of the ruling family. Back then, it was used for defense, patrolling, and surveillance purposes. Today, it is one of the most famous castles in the emirate.

Fujairah Fort
The Fujairah Fort is one of the oldest forts in the country, built way back in 1670. It used to be a residence and defense building for the ruling family. Today, it is the only stone building that you will find along the coast of Fujairah.

Fujairah Heritage Village
The Fujairah Heritage Village is a “living museum” where you can see traditional houses, farming tools, and artifacts. It provides a glimpse into what life in the emirate must have looked like a long time ago. Here, you will find ancient buildings as well as the Fujairah Fortress.

The Fujairah Museum displays artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age.
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Fujairah Museum
The Fujairah Museum can be found on the south side of the Fort. It presents artifacts dating back to the Bronze Age. These include items made of brass, steel, bronze, silver, and gold, as well as different kinds of pottery, jewelry, coins, swords, and herbal medicine.

Ottoman Mosque
The Ottoman Mosque is one of the oldest mosques in the country. It is also known as Al Bidyah Mosque, which is a historical town in the northern part of Fujairah. It has a central pillar that supports four domes, as well as a prayer hall inside.

The term “oasis” in Arabic translates to “wadi,” of which there are many in Fujairah. Among these are Wadi Al Wurayah, Wadi Ham, Wadi Saham, and Wadi Siji. Wadi Al Wurayah, which also includes waterfalls, is the first protected mountain area in Fujairah.

The Ottoman Mosque in Fujairah is one of the oldest mosques in the country.
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Fujairah may be one of the smaller emirates in the UAE, but it has many beautiful attractions. If you haven’t been to Fujairah yet, then you might want to consider going there soon!


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