Largest Aquarium in the Middle East to Open in Abu Dhabi Soon

The National Aquarium (TNA), the Middle East’s largest aquarium, is expected to open in Abu Dhabi this year, with more than 200 sharks and rays on display. The best thing is that visitors will be able to feed them in a one-of-a-kind experience.

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The aquarium, which is teeming with marine life, will allow guests to plunge into an underwater realm and discover a variety of creatures present in oceans.

Largest Aquarium in the Middle East to Open in Abu Dhabi Soon
Screengrab of The National Aquarium Website

Largest Aquarium in the Region to Open in Abu Dhabi Later This Year

It will be home to 25 distinct kinds of sharks and rays, including bull sharks for the first time in the region. Visitors will get the opportunity to observe firsthand what is commonly regarded as one of the most dangerous shark species in the ocean and rivers.

TNA will also be home to Sand Tiger Sharks, Lemon Sharks, Zebra Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Shovelnose Rays, Cownose Rays, and Freshwater Rays.

Visitors to the ‘Shark Encounter’ event will be able to hand-feed sharks up to two metres long.

“We cannot wait for our opening this year, to reveal our array of animals and animal-related activities. In general, people have a fear of sharks and we want to celebrate these fascinating creatures that are so crucial to the health of our oceans. We are hoping that through personal interaction, the aquarium will help people overcome any fears and perceptions that they might have,” said Paul Hamilton, general manager at The National Aquarium.

The National Aquarium inked five-year cooperation with the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) in July 2020, with the goal of assisting in the creation of the largest and most creative rehabilitation scheme of its type in the emirate to protect and rehabilitate animals.

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