Tip from a Customer

The other day, I received a tip from a customer which is a rare occurrence since I work in Sales here in Dubai. Customers expect Sales representatives to get a commission every month so tips are not really given out as easily as those in the service industry (hotel, restaurants, etc.) but this time was different.

I used to work in fast food restaurants back in the Philippines when I was younger. Even that time, tips were not a requirement in our country. I’ve heard stories that Dubai tourists are very gracious when they are happy with the service.

saudi riyal tip
Saudi Riyal and a dirham

This instance, I received a huge amount from a Saudi local who was just visiting for business. He was to go back on a trip  back to his country that night. I didn’t even do much except basic expectations from my job. I informed him that it’s alright, but he insisted on giving the money to me.

I was glad that in some way, somebody was able to appreciate how I treat my guests. This somehow brightened my day during my shift. It also made me wonder what if I was to work in a hotel or restaurant here in Dubai. I really hear that customers give huge tips for the service provided.

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