Top Arabic Fashion Designers to Check Out

Arabic fashion designers are making a name for themselves globally; think of your favorite A-listers style on red carpets or at any event. You might be in awe of their beautiful gowns or clothes, thanks to these talented homegrown Arab fashion labels. Here are the top Arab designers you should take note of in case you’re looking for style inspiration. Or on the hunt for your wedding gown if you’re planning to have a destination wedding in Dubai!


1. Ellie Saab

Celebrities have consistently turned to Elie Saab throughout his career for magnificent gowns to wear on the red carpet at the most prominent events. Just imagine any famous person attending an awards show, and you can bet they’ll be wearing something from the Saab haute couture collection.


2. Madiyah Al Sharqi


One of the fastest-growing fashion houses in the Arab world is Madiyah Al Sharqi, founded by the Emirati designer of the same name. From its tie-dye pattern jumpsuits to its whimsical pink dresses, the label perfectly captures the spirit of the modern, self-reliant woman.

Founded in Fujairah in 2012, Madiyah Al Sharqi is the namesake label of a fashion designer of the same name. Her signature style is opulent and ultra-feminine, often expressed through a soft color palette and sumptuous textiles. Her designs immediately became a hit both at home and abroad and can now be found in prestigious department stores like Bloomingdale’s and luxury boutiques like Ounass. Since 2016, Al Sharqi has been experimenting with a more earthy color palette and has broadened her vision to include a sophisticated, stunning collection of daywear in addition to her signature confectionary evening wear. In addition, she released two compilations that were a joint effort with Karen Wazen.


3. Marmar Halim

While Marmar Halim has been making waves in the Middle East for some time now, she is a designer who has worked with celebrities worldwide. Marmar is well-known for dressing prominent politicians and celebrities for important events due to her refined and adaptable sense of style. Skylar Grey, a famous singer, wore a Marmar Halim creation to the “Suicide Squad” movie premiere. She has her sights set on Hollywood success, so stay tuned for more of her work in the near future.

 4. Bil Arabi

Nadine Kanso is an artist, photographer, and designer whose work depicts and explores the modern Arab experience. Her Bil Arabi jewelry line is particularly prominent in this regard, while it is present throughout her oeuvre. The rings and earrings she makes often take the form of Arabic words or characters, conveying a meaningful message. Everybody from small-town trendsetters to international supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner covets these pieces because they are works of art and symbols of their individuality.

5. Hind Adib

This designer, born in Iraq but now based in Dubai, is responsible for a range of vintage denim jackets with edgy slogans that have made its way to the American music scene. The jackets include motivational sayings such “I’ve got my own back” and feature an X emblem. Adib designed the X collection to encourage women to defy gender norms and stand in their own strength. Her favorite musician, G-Eazy, wore one of these jackets in 2017.

6. Mochi

While a playful, youthful silhouette serves as the backbone for Mochi designs, it is Ayah Tabari’s kaleidoscope prints and embroidery that have truly etched out an identity for her brand. Tabari’s travels serve as both a marker for her work and a resource for locating artisans to assist manufacture her apparel; her designs are inspired by and named after the places she has visited.

That each Mochi collection may be worn at any time of year (making them truly “seasonless”) is a major selling point for the brand. That’s right, old compilations like “Jaipur” and “Thailand” are still available for purchase.

 7. Bouguessa

It is difficult to overcome stereotypes when the Western world associates Middle Eastern women’s dress with conservative and not-so-fashionable abayas . By creatively reimagining the abaya, Faiza Bouguessa of Bouguessa is one of the designers who is changing the way the rest of the world perceives fashion in the region. Beyoncé is a fan of hers because of how appealing her designs are. Her designs, which are influenced by menswear, stand out thanks to the expert tailoring and luxurious fabrics she uses.


8. Fatema Fardan


After founding his own studio (Fyonka), which eventually became his own brand, he became the first internationally renowned Kuwaiti fashion designer. The designs of Al Jasmi are notable for their complexity, high quality, and variety. A number of the artists’ most stunning gowns were given the Al Jasmi treatment, including those worn by Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Yasmine Sabry.

In 2015, Fatema Fardan, an Emirati designer, made history by becoming the first from the United Arab Emirates to present her creations at New York Fashion Week. This cutting-edge fashion designer is paving the way for women’s international Arab fashion as the owner and creative director of her own ready-to-wear fashion line, Fatema Fardan Designs, which debuted in 2014. 


9. Azzedine Alaïa

Alaïa, the namesake label of the late Tunisian designer Azzedine Alaïa, was a favorite of Naomi Campbell and other ’90s supermodels. Current Creative Director Pieter Mulier embodies the same confident beauty for which Alaïa was known, keeping the company at the forefront of women’s fashion.


10. Reem Acra

Lebanese designer Reem Acra has styled such A-listers as Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, and Kate Hudson. Her glitzy dresses and separates are sought after for their classic allure and impeccable craftsmanship, which is evident in the use of sumptuous materials, delicate embroideries, and elaborate decorations. She recently designed a strapless gown for Naomi Biden, granddaughter of US Vice President Joe Biden, who was married in the White House.

11. Zuhair Murad


You’ve probably heard of Zuhair Murad’s from your favorite celebrities since this fashion designer is their usual go-to. The haute couture house of Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad has been known for crafting stunning evening gowns and daytime attire that celebrate women. Celebrities and supermodels like Celine Dion and Alessandra Ambrosio look stunning in Murad’s characteristic oversized couture. He also created Jennifer Lopez’s wedding dress for her to wear when she married Ben Affleck.